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5 reasons dogs are great for your health
Interview with Penny Johnson of Sturdi Products
The new puppy checklist
Science of cats: 10 feline facts
Science of cats: 10 feline facts
Veterinarian Tips For Choosing Dog Food | Figo Pet Insurance

Q: What brand of food should we feed our new puppy?

A: As you consider what to feed your new pup,...

Cats On Glass: Flipping Your Feline Perspective Upside Down | Figo Pet Insurance

Cats on glass objects like tables and shelves show us a world of smooshed floof and feline feets—lots of magical toe beans. I'm only mildly...

Man and woman running with dog on leash in park

Our dogs certainly fill our lives with love and companionship. They also fill our lives with potential—the potential to get up off the couch, step...

Dog Breed Profile: Getting To Know The Beagle | Figo Pet Insurance

Playful. Energetic. Family friendly. Ears as soft as velvet. What’s not to love about the Beagle?

These natural hunters are curious, have...

Feline Immunizations: Indoor Cats And Vaccines | Figo Pet Insurance

Q: We found a cute kitten, Frosty. Since we’ve never had a...

Pet Professionals: Interview With Melissa Mariner Of Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue | Figo Pet Insurance

We recently had the opportunity to interview Melissa Mariner, founder and...

Q: Barbie, my 20-year-old indoor cat, sneezes and coughs as...

Senior Dog Care Tips

Like humans, dogs’ bodies change as they age: Many become less active, some...

Five Reasons Dog Ownership Is Great For Your Health

We already know why dogs are great pets—they’re loving, playful, funny, and...

Encouraging natural dog behaviors

Q: I read an animal welfare article that stressed the...

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