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Boutique Owner Brings Color (and Cats) to Her Eclectic, Maximalist Apartment

We're taking a tour through PonnoPlace owner Adrienne Hawthorne's stylish and eclectic Chicago apartment. Her three cats love chilling in their favorite spots.

Boutique Owner Brings Color (and Cats) to Her Eclectic, Maximalist Apartment

Quirky, bold, eclectic! Some forget that fashion and interior design can become the ultimate outlet to express our personalities. Not Adrianne Hawthorne, owner of Chicago boutique PonnoPlace and self-described "abstract maximalist". Her mesmerizing Chicago apartment is anything but bland. The perfect illustration of personality at its finest - to say her style is simply colorful would be an understatement. Hawthorne's crib embodies the idea of playful decor to the fullest extent. Her three feline companions, Notion (grey), Naomi (spotted), and Sweet Pea (white) seem to have no complaints, either! Step inside this creative space with Figo for our latest PetPartment Tour.

couple in pajamas poses with cats in bed

Your place

City you're located in: Chicago, IL

Years lived in current home: 1 year

How would you describe your decorating style: Colorful, maximalist, eclectic

Colorful bedroom decorated in quirky style
Colorful closet with eclectic decor

Favorite feature of your space: West-facing windows provide good light all day!

Biggest challenge (either about the space itself or one you encountered while decorating):The space has dated fixtures and the living room is difficult to arrange due to constraints like the fireplace, porch doors, and proximity to the kitchen. We finally settled on a layout but it’s nearly impossible to re-arrange. The kitchen’s cabinets and countertops are not my first choice - mahogany wood with black granite. But, adding an emerald green backsplash and removable wallpaper brought in a bit of joy and cheer.

Cool living room and kitchen with natural light and quirky decor

Must-have piece of décor/furniture: For decor, lately I’m into brass candlesticks with bright colored tapers. Furniture-wise, a comfy couch is something I’d love to have. Our current couch is very comfortable but it’s a little small (originally bought for a studio apartment) so I do plan to upgrade it someday.

Kitchen table surrounded by quirky and colorful decor

Favorite place to buy décor/furniture: Locally, I love District Chicago, Velvet Goldmine, the Broadway Antique Market, and Dial M for Modern. Commercially, I find good things at Targetsometimes!

Quirky and colorfully decorated living room and fireplace

What really drew you to your place:The good light, open living room, large balcony, whirlpool tub, and classic Chicago train car layout.

Your pets

Name + breed of pets: 2 domestic short-haired cats (Notion, Sweet Pea) and one Snow Bengal (Naomi)

Three cats relaxing in cat hammocks on colorful wall

Nicknames you have for them: There are SO many. We call Notion “Misser Mittens” all the time. Sweet Pea is “La Roo,” “Poopers” or even “Poo La Roo.” Naomi is “Meese” and “Miss Mittens.”

Where did you buy/adopt from? Is there a story behind it?: Sweet Pea is my cat and I got her from a barnyard in Hampshire, IL back in 2005. She was free! Seth, my partner, adopted Notion from a pet store in the suburbs. Naomi came from a breeder.

Cat sitting on sunny patterned rug

Their favorite part of your place: Notion loves the cat wall shelves that Seth installed in our office. He can watch us while we work! Naomi likes to sit in the sun on the living room rug, or on laundry piles. Sweet Pea loves her “Egg” and her furry puff on top of our chaise lounge. She also LOVES our balcony and has spent upwards of 8 hours out there, by choice.

Cat relaxing in pile of clothes

Favorite pet accessory or furniture piece:Sweet Pea’s Egg and the cats’ water fountains.

Woman sits with cat relaxing in her lap

What does being a pet parent to your three cats mean to you: It means so much more than simple pet ownership. The cats have taught me so much about life and myself in the ~16 years I’ve been around them. And, they are always there, no matter what type of day I’m having. If anything, they’ve been there for me in ways I never imagined an animal could. For them, I am eternally grateful.

Want to see more of Adrianne's colorful style and her three cool cats? Check them all out on Instagram at @ponnopozz

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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