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Dog breeds that love adventure

Whether your passion is jogging, hiking, camping, canoeing, or hunting, you’re probably going to want a dog breed that’s up to the challenge and some are naturally bred for the fun.

Dog breeds that love adventure

Whether your passion is jogging, hiking, camping, canoeing, or hunting, you’re probably going to want a dog breed that’s up to the challenge. While most dogs are eager to please and will come along wherever you’re headed, some are naturally bred to have the muscle, stamina, and adventurous spirit to meet the demands of the great outdoors.

Need a companion who won’t balk on the trail?  Check out these adventuresome dog breeds…

Labrador Retriever.The ideal all-purpose working breed, the Lab is beloved for its loyalty, athleticism, and intelligence. Bred as a hunter’s helper, the Lab is perfectly suited to almost any conditions. Their thick coat makes them virtually weatherproof, and they love the water. It’s no wonder the Lab is not only a popular hunting dog, but is also one of the most popular breeds overall.

Bernese Mountain Dog.Bred as a drafting and droving animal, the Bernese won’t shy away from a challenge. Large and muscular with a thick coat ideal for cold temps, these rugged and loyal animals were built for herding cattle and sheep in rough mountainous terrain. They’re even big enough to carry their own doggie backpack.

Portuguese Water Dog.The Portuguese Water Dog s a unique working breed originally bred to assist fishermen—herding schools of fish close to shore and retrieving damaged nets. They love the water and aren’t afraid of a few waves. The “Portie” is also extremely loyal and easily trained.

German Shorthair Pointer.A versatile hunting breed, the German Shorthair Pointer is a perfect companion for anyone who loves the outdoors. Highly trainable and intelligent, the breed is known for its high energy levels and natural hunting instinct.

Siberian Husky.Bred as a sled dog for the rugged northern climates, the Husky is an enthusiastic and devoted companion whose muscular frame and waterproof coat make an ideal breed for cold weather adventuring.

Rhodesian Ridgeback.Originally bred as lion hunters, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a tall a breed that loves to run and jump. They’ll never shy from an athletic challenge and bond extremely well with people. Their short coat makes them an ideal breed for those who want a low-maintenance animal.

Jack Russell Terrier.Known as the little dog with the big dog personality, the Jack Russell is game for whatever you have in mind. Agile, energetic, and intelligent, the Jack Russell is the perfect small breed for big-time adventuring. Most Jack Russell’s are also adept swimmers, and they won’t tip your canoe!

Border Collie.If you’re looking for an agile and intelligent trail companion, the Border Collie is an excellent candidate. As natural herding animal, Border Collies love a challenge, and their loyalty will keep them close at your side.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, we hope it helps acquaint you with a few of the many gregarious dog breeds best suited for outdoor adventuring.

Editor’s Note: Which dog breeds love to work? Is a working dog right for your family? From herding to hunting, here’s a list of breeds that have working-dog instincts.

Cecily Kellogg is a pet lover who definitely has crazy cat lady leanings. Her pets are all shelter rescues, including the dog, who is scared of the cats. She spent eight years working as a Veterinary Technician before becoming a writer. Today she writes all over the web, including here at Figo.

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