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A dog's guide to Seattle (fall edition)

Roam with our pack, Seattleites H’Liana and Kiba, to find the best pet friendly places around Seattle to explore in the fall.

A dog's guide to Seattle (fall edition)

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean the adventures with your pup end there. We’ve partnered with our favorite Seattleites—Kiba and her human, H’Liana—to show you some of their favorite places to explore as the seasons change in the Pacific Northwest. What better way to show you around the city than a local pup? Roam on!

Hello friends: It’s Kiba and Kiba’s owner here, reporting from our home in Seattle, Washington. We love living in Seattle because it’s pet friendly, and it has all the benefits of a big city while also being surrounded by nature. 

Kiba and H’Liana enjoying the patio at Monorail Espresso.


Although there are many benefits to living in Seattle, one of the downsides—or upsides, depending on how you look at it—is the rainy weather and gray skies. And as the fall season is upon us, the amount of daylight is constantly decreasing, making it difficult to want to go outside sometimes. But, do not fear! Whether you are a Washington State native, or just here visiting for the weekend, we have lots of favorite pet-friendly adventures for you.

1. Get socialized at the market.Pike Place Market is a major tourist destination here in Seattle. While it’s super busy in the summer months, in the fall and winter seasons, it’s a lot less crowded. This makes it perfect for pups to come visit, and it is when we prefer to go. Also, it’s covered, which is ideal for when the Seattle rain starts up again. Pike Place Market is also near many other destinations which makes it easy to put down as a stop throughout your day.

One of our favorite things to do in the market is to walk around and try different foods from the different vendors. Personal (human) favorites include: oyster shooters and local honey samples, sold by multiple vendors inside. Kiba (pup) enjoys the attention and socialization he receives.

Pike Place Market is a great fall adventure for you and your pup.


2. Take in the city views.Sometimes living in Seattle feels surreal, especially being from a smaller coastal city. Seattle’s city views not only include the skyline, but the mountains and water as well. When we can, we try to take in the city views as much as possible. Some of our favorite places to do this are either at Pier 66, the Seattle Waterfront, or Kerry Park for an overall skyline view. 

3. Drink like a local.One of our favorite ways to socialize with friends, while also being with our dog, is to hit up a local brewery. Not all breweries and wineries allow dogs, so be sure to check before going. One of our favorite spots nearby is Optimism Brewing in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Not only is it roomy inside, but its beer selection rotates and has plenty of space for your group of friends as well as your pups.

Kiba trying to sneak a taste at Optimism Brewing.


4. Chase away the rain with a warm bev.Besides the gray and constant drizzle, another thing Seattle is known for is its coffee. There are a few places that we frequent with Kiba that allow him inside of the shop. One of our favorites is Moore Coffee, mainly for the latte art. It’s attached to the dog-friendly Moore Hotel which you can sit in while you enjoy your coffee. 

Another shop we enjoy going to is Kaladi Brothers, which allows your dog inside as well. You can come here to get your work done while enjoying a pastry and cup of jo. And when we running errands, a good go-to is Monorail Espresso. It’s a walk-up window, which makes it easy to stop by on-the-go.

Moore Coffee has the best latte art and is pup friendly.


5. Go on a hike.With several mountain ranges surrounding the city, it’s impossible not to go on a hike with your dog. A great resource to checking out local hikes in Washington State is We constantly check it before attempting a hike with Kiba to review its trail conditions, dog friendliness, and to make sure we have the proper parking pass and gear beforehand. 

Oh, also, the North Cascades area of Washington is a must-see with its beautiful colors and larches! 

Kiba isn’t so sure about these pumpkin patch scarecrows.


6. Seasonal photo-ops.We love a good photo op, and each season warrants a special one commemorating the time of the year. With fall coming up, our festive photo op is visiting a pumpkin patch. There are several patches both north and south of Seattle—be sure to check whether it is dog friendly before bringing your pooch! We go to Mosby Farms in Auburn, WA (approx. 30-40 minutes outside of Seattle).

In the winter, you can visit Christmas tree farms, and pick up a tree at the same time while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. (We’ve been to Buttonwood Farms in Redmond, WA). In the spring, we enjoy seeing cherry blossoms at University of Washington...but be sure to check if they are in bloom before going, and go early!

Kiba at Kerry Park


Seattle Wrap-up

Despite its gray season, we love Seattle for its opportunities, scenic natural beauty, and its pet friendly culture. Whether you’re out in the mountains or roaming around Pike Place, it’s easy to bring your pup with you on all your adventures. We hope you love Seattle as much as we do!

Kiba is a one-year-old, red-tri miniature Australian Shepherd that is obsessed with playing chase and learning all the tricks possible. H’Liana is a Charleston, South Carolina native turned Seattleite. Follow along their journey of tricks, tips and adventures over on their blog at Chasing Kiba or on the ‘gram.

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