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Guide to luxury cat hotels

Lifestyles of the rich and famous isn’t for humans only. Luxury cat hotels offering premium accommodations will pamper your feline while you’re away.

Guide to luxury cat hotels

Long gone are the days your pet actually has to stay in a small boarding kennel with the bare essentials. Luxury cat hotels—they do exist! Many hotels located in other countries, including the UK, in case that one royal feline might need a place to stay. Whether you’re going away for a business trip, or just want to treat your cat to something truly special, here’s the info on how your cat can stay overnight in luxury.

Cat Hotel Amenities

These aren’t your typical cat boarding accommodations, they seem more like amenities fit for the most high-end resorts.

  • Onsite veterinarians are there to meet all your cat’s medical needs, from maintaining current conditions, to jumping in to treat something spontaneous. Now that’s peace of mind.

  • Of course, the entire facility is climate controlled, because these joints are more often than not, as nice as many regular hotels.

  • Premium food and treats are all a part of the deal, and usually not just your average Fancy Feast dinner. We are talking about a variation of flavorful delicacies delivered to Fluffy like an artisan cheese board would be presented at a fine human eatery. Snacks consistent with the theme are also delivered daily.

  • Lavish digs and elegant décor are a part of the allure at many of these hotels—expect to see modern designs, fireplaces, sleek finishes and plush bedding.

  • Television, yes, television will often be available at a luxury cat hotel. Not just one communal TV, but their very own. We’re starting to think we might actually like to stay here, too.

  • Intricate play areas situated with catwalks, tunnels, sleek kitty condos, balconies and more provide an extensive amount of opportunity for exercise and play. This is particularly useful for cats with separation anxiety—it keeps them busy.

  • Cuddles, hugs and companionship are just part of the perks—as over the top as the amenities are, you better bet a cat’s emotional needs are tended to as well. Typically, you’ll be able to communicate the needs and expectations to the caretakers beforehand.

  • Many establishments offer webcams or even Facetime opportunity, so you can always stay connected. Pet parents have even been able to share special moments, like nuptials, via the internet. Seriously, they have thought of everything.  

Rules and Etiquette for a Cat Hotel Stay

So, you’ve decided to step it up a notch as a pet parent—awesome! There are few things to know before booking the stay.

  • Disclose spaying and neutering status—while some hotels don’t mind if a cat is not fixed, the staff needs to know if your pet should be kept separated from other kitties who are still able to reproduce.

  • If a cat comes down with an illness, you may need to reschedule your trip, or find a family member or friend to pet sit.

  • If on medications, it’s a great idea to leave them in the original container, which include dosing instructions.

  • Maybe there are some things that really set your fluff ball off, be sure to notify attendants.

  • While you’ll have to provide proof anyway, be sure you’ve taken your four-legged friend for a full checkup before dropping them off.

Luxury Cat Hotels Worldwide

  • Longcroft Cat Hotels offer numerous locations in the United Kingdom. While here, your cat can enjoy extensive spa services, from a paw massage to luxurious pampering via high end products. Mini bars are stocked with milk and delicious treats, and you’ll even be sent update postcards so you know your baby is totally living it up.

  • Malaysia-based Catzonia has multiple locations to choose from when looking for a comfortable retreat for your furry one. Rooms are modern with vibrant colors, and have ample space for play and roaming about. Worried about leaving your baby? No problem, keep an eye on them via webcam feed!

  • The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel is comprised of a kitty focused hotel and lodge—and it goes further than some of the nicest kennels. From the ground up, this place was built specifically for felines: the floors are heated, fish charcuterie boards are served, and you better bet they’ll be treated like royalty. Bed time stories, face timing with pet parents, warm fireplaces to snuggle by—this trumps many human digs. You’ll have to visit Yorkshire, England to take a peek.

Inspired to really set your kitty up next time you have to head out on a trip? Feelings of guilt will definitely disappear when booking a room at a luxury cat hotel. So, start browsing around to find lodging that will not only suite your cat, but will totally spoil them.

Karyn Wofford is a “Mom” to her fluffy, sweet dog Halli. She spends much of her time traveling and advocating for Type 1 diabetes—and Halli sometimes accompanies her on her adventures. You’ll find Karyn’s work on sites like Mother Earth Living, and in magazines such as Diabetes Forecast.

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