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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Prevent the dreaded dog scent and fur tumbleweeds from filling your home this spring with some simple cleaning tips from Figo

woman washing dog on patio

After a long, cold winter, spring is finally here. The scent of freshly cut grass is in the air and the motivation to start cleaning is beginning to brew. As dog owners, our homes are usually filled with muddy paws and dirty floors, so spring cleaning is a welcomed activity.

Below is a list of spring-cleaning tips tailored specifically for dog parents. Find out how to keep every room of the house clean and odor-free with these 6 easy tips.

1. Groom and Bathe Your Dog


Spring is shedding season for most dog breeds. This is how their body removes old and damaged hair from their undercoat. It also helps them regulate their body temperature in the summer, so they don't overheat.

Unfortunately, this also means furballs everywhere. To minimize fur gathering in the corners of your home, you can take your dog outside for a thorough brushing. This will remove any loose fur which is starting to fall out.


With all the loose hair removed, it’s now time to give your dog a bath. If you don’t have a bath tub in your home you can check with your local pet stores to see if they offer self-serve dog washes.

Gently massage shampoo into your dog's coat. Wash their legs, stomach, neck, and head being careful to avoid their eyes. This will remove any of the dirt and mud that has built up over the winter period and can double up as an enriching experience for your dog.

2. Put Dog Beds and Toys in the Laundry

The second tip is to wash your dog’s bedding and toys.

Parasites and bacteria can be bought into the house and accumulate on your dog’s bedding, blankets, and toys. These can be very harmful to you and your household so it’s important to remove them with a hot water wash.

On each tag, there should be washing and drying instructions from the manufacturer. Stuffed toys are generally machine washable.

If your washing machine is not big enough, try soaking in the tub and air-dry outside in the sunlight (hanging on a clothesline).

3. Wash Food and Water Bowls

Our dogs use their food bowls every day which is why it's no surprise that they can be full of germs.

As our dogs can’t wash their own dishes, they rely on us to do so. However, this particular cleaning duty is often neglected. A recent survey of dog owners found that 18% wash their dog bowl either less than every 3 months or not at all.

It is important to clean your dog’s food bowls to remove dangerous bacteria which can be found in them such as:

  • E. coli

  • Salmonella

  • MRSA

  • MSSA

Whether you use stainless steel, ceramic, or plastic food and water bowls, it’s a good idea to add these to your spring-cleaning list.

4. Wash your dog’s collar, leash, and harness

Other items that can get neglected are collars, leashes, and harnesses which also get dirty. Brush off any dirt your dog might have picked up after rolling in the grass or hiking through the woods. It’s also a good idea to check metal clips and hooks for any rust. 

5. Create a spring cleaning plan to tackle each room

Now that all of the dog’s items are taken care of you can focus on tackling the rest of the house. Create your spring cleaning plan of action which breaks down all the areas you want to clean and when you plan to do them.

When faced with a whole house to clean, you may become overwhelmed and not know where to start. By breaking down each room and cleaning activity into smaller sessions you are less likely to give up mid-way through the spring cleaning process.

6. Stock up on cleaning supplies

Spring is a great opportunity to take stock of your pet safe cleaning supplies and add any items which are running low. A good item to stock up on are lint rollers as these will come in handy with the shedding that is about to begin.

A fragrant, pet-safe fabric spray can be used on any material that your dog comes into contact with such as sofas or blankets. In addition, a quick spray of an pet-friendly air freshener or lighting an all-natural or soy candle is a great way to freshen up a room and remove any doggy odors.


Spring is the perfect time to give your dog and home a deep clean. From stocking up on cleaning supplies to washing their bedding and toys, you’ll be sure to start the new season with a sparkling clean home. Not to mention, your dog will feel so much better with their freshly groomed coat.

Hannah is the proud dog mom of Makai, a Wolfdog with a penchant for naps and snacks. Hannah has a strong love for all animals but a special fondness of dogs. With a Masters degree in Chemistry and a love for writing, Hannah aims to share the latest scientific studies and expert knowledge with dog lovers worldwide through her blog Howling Wolf Pack.

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