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10 Creative Gifts Your Cat Will Go Crazy For

Cats can be notoriously picky. That's why we've talked with some of our own feline companions to compile a list of their most-wanted gifts this holiday season. Only the best for our athletic friends.

10 Creative Gifts Your Cat Will Go Crazy For

Cats can be notoriously picky. That's why we've chatted with some of our own feline companions to compile a list of their most-desired gifts this holiday season. Only the best for our agile and acrobatic friends. Grab those stockings and get stuffing because you're going to want to grab everything on here!

1. Pets So Good Hide & Seek Bag

cat bed that looks like a paper bag

It's no secret - cats love bags. Plastic, paper - the material doesn't matter. Simply set one down and they'll be occupied for hours. Pet lifestyle brand Pets So Good took this piece of knowledge and ran with it, creating the Hide & Seek Bag. Part cat bed, part hideout, part toy, your cat will adore seeing this gift under the tree. Shop it here.

2. Litter Robot

It may be *very* expensive, but thousands of pet parents swear by the Litter Robot. Cleaning out the litter box is an inarguably tedious chore - and it can be especially difficult if you leave town often and want your cat's toilet area to stay sanitary.

3. The Dock Bowl

small cat feeding dish

If your cat is a picky eater, they'll love the beautiful Dock bowl set from Tuft and Paw. It's durable and has a shallow slope that's perfect for dining. Plus, it'll look great in any pet parent's kitchen. Shop it here.

4. Shop Cats of New York Coffee Table Book

cat coffee table book

Cool cats know cool cats. That's why any kitten would be thrilled to see their species immortalized in coffee book form. Ok, this might be more for cat parents than the pets themselves, but how could you not love this Humans of New York meets The French Cat full-color tribute to our feline friends? Shop it here.

5. Cat Person X Jason Wu Collection

designer cat collection

Taiwanese-Canadian designer Jason Wu has teamed up with Cat Person to design a line of sleek pet accessories that only the chicest kittens on the block can rock. We love the bold lines and minimalist shape of the litterbox and hideaway scoop, and you better believe we're copping that signature hoodie too. Shop the drop here.

6. Made By Nacho Cat-Crafted Food

cat eating out of made by nacho gourmet cat food packages

Did you know that chef Bobby Flay has his own cat food brand? I didn't either. Apparently, his cat Nacho has cooked up a whole line of gourmet kitty goodies in delectable flavors like salmon, duck liver, and more! You can even order the Nacho tasting menu for a little bit of everything. Shop it here.

7. Trixie Cat Activity Feeder

cat puzzle feeder toy

Bored kittens, rejoice - this puzzle feeder will entertain for hours on end. The Trixie activity treater can be filled with special snacks or just regular cat kibble, to keep your pet busy while you're out and about or just looking for some independent time. There are several to choose from and each looks more fun than the last! Shop them here.

8. Pretty Litter

colorful cat litter

What's better than pretty patties? Pretty litter! This brand claims to monitor the health of your cat, by changing colors for a variety of conditions and concerns. Its mineral base is 99% dust-free, which makes it kid-friendly as well as just easier to clean in general. Plus, that packaging can't be beat

9. Holiday Tree Cat Toy Gift Box

cat toy gift box shaped like holiday tree

If you're struggling to decide on a single toy to buy your cat, why not get them a whole box full? Target has some adorable gift boxes full of fun goodies for your pets. Open it up and let your feline companion go to town! Shop it here.

10. Cat Wine

Bottles of cat wine

You heard right - cat wine is absolutely a thing now and we can't get enough of it. Now, when mommy needs some "me time" and pours herself a nice glass of two buck chuck, the cat won't feel entirely left out of the fun. Different blends for different tastes, we think the best solution is to just buy one of each. Shop them here.

Don't forget, the greatest gift a pet parent can get their dog or cat is a happy, healthy life. Consider looking into pet insurance, so you never have to make a hard decision between your beloved companion and your wallet. Get a quote today.

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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