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Man looking at pet mobile apps sitting next to dog

10 handy pet apps for pet parents

According to a recent Pew survey, over two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and today’s digital designers continue to develop new apps to suit almost every need and lifestyle. Let’s take a look at 10 of the top pet apps and what they can do for you and your furry friends. 


Cost: Free

Most of us are familiar with those exercise aps that tell us how far we’ve jogged, how high we’ve hiked, and how many calories we’ve burned in the process. This handy app lets you map your dog’s daily walk to make sure your pooch is getting a healthy amount of outdoor exercise. MapMyDogWalk is available for iOS and Android.


Cost: Free
No time to walk your pooch? Wag will help you find and contract with a local dog-walker in your area. You can choose a walker based on their profile, schedule a time for them to walk your dog, and pay via the app. All dog walkers go through a long application process, including a background check, so you know your dog is in good hands. You receive an activity report after every session including the distance & time of the walk and a bathroom report. Wag! is available for iOS.


Cost: Free
We’ve all seen the nutritional information on the food we buy. iKibble helps you rate and compare the foods you feed your dog for ingredients and nutritional content. You have one of those curious pooches that likes to eat whatever’s on the ground? You can even check if it’s bad for them, and whether you need to contact a vet. iKibble is available for iOS and Android.

Pet First Aid (by the American Red Cross)

Cost: 99¢
If you’re like most pet owners, the health of your animals is extremely important. But even the most well cared-for pets can occasionally experience a health emergency. This handy app from the American Red Cross lets you locate local vets (ideal if you’re away from home), offers tips on pet first aid you can perform yourself, and helps you discern normal pet behavior from possible trouble signs. Pet First Aid is available for iOS and Android.


Cost: Free
Planning a trip and need to locate dog-friendly hotels along the way? BringFido lets you locate pet-friendly hotels and compare accommodations by pet policy, pet deposit fee, and more. You can even find nearby pet-friendly restaurants so your pup can join you for supper. BringFido is available for iOS.


Cost: Free
Going away and can’t take your pup along? This handy app lets you locate a pet sitter and even allows them to send you daily updates for your peace of mind. DogVacay is available for iOS and Android.


Price: Various 
Many of us have seen how tech can help us monitor our kids and their caregivers—whether we’re out for a meal or just in the other room. iCam offers a similar service to let us check in on our pets. Maybe you have to be away from your dog or cat for extended periods, or you just want to check in on them remotely to be sure they’re not wrecking the house. Either way, iCam lets you view your pet in real time—and even includes motion-detection and sound-detection options. iCam is available for iOS and Android.


Cost: Free
Social media isn’t just for people. DoggyDatez is a place-based social app that lets you connect with other pet owners in your area. You can find out who’s at the dog park, schedule a pet playdate, and even choose “friends” for your dog based on breed, gender, and size. DoggyDatez is available for iOS and Android.

Cat Fishing 2

Cost: Free
More fish might mean a happier cat. Designed for cats (it is from Friskies® after all), this game will hold your cat’s interest for as long as their attention span lasts. Your feline friend can tap your tablet’s screen to ‘catch’ the fish and gain points. If your cat still has front claws we might suggest a screen protector, though your screen should be perfectly safe (unlikely those pesky fish)! Cat Fishing 2 is available for iOS and Android.

Figo Pet Cloud

Cost: Free (for pet insurance customers)
The Figo Pet Cloud allows you to keep the whole life of their pet in one place. You can upload and store your pet’s vet records, find local pet-friendly businesses, get reminders for upcoming shots and vet appointments, submit claims with the snap of a photo, online profile if your pet ever gets lost and more! The Figo Pet Cloud is only available to Figo customers, but it will be available for free to everyone in 2017. It is available on iOS and Android.

Cecily Kellogg is a pet lover who definitely has crazy cat lady leanings. Her pets are all shelter rescues, including the dog, who is scared of the cats. She spent eight years working as a Veterinary Technician before becoming a writer. Today she writes all over the web, including here at Figo.

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