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20 Gift Ideas for the Pet Parent Who Has Everything

Holiday season is upon us - but what do you get the pet parent who has everything?! Don't worry, Figo is built by pet parents, for pet parents, so we're here to help with our favorite gifts this year.

20 Gift Ideas for the Pet Parent Who Has Everything

Season's greetings! It's time once again to start shopping for loved ones near and far. If you're a pet parent, you may have noticed that friends and family have started getting you pet-centric gifts for all occasions. I find this to be perfect because my dog is admittedly my whole personality. But what in the world do you get the pet parent who has everything!? If your friend's pet has their own Instagram account, they probably already own a lot of the standard dog/cat products. That's why we're breaking down some of our favorite unique, high-end, quirky, and useful gifts on the market this season. Get your shopping cart ready - you'll want to grab these goodies earlier than later.

For the dog person

1. Pets So Good nosework dog toy

Paper cup nosework toys

Stackable nosework toys that look like take-out coffee cups? Yes, please! Not only do nosework dog toys help your pup relieve stress, they'll look super cute chilling on your couch cushions after a spirited play session. Want to grab your own? Shop Pets So Good here.

2. Maxbone City Carrier

Maxbone dog carrier bag

Stylish, sturdy, practical. The Maxbone city dog carrier bag can fit pooches up to 22 pounds. Whether you're toting Fido on the subway or looking for an easy way to carry your pup onto a plane, this bag will have you covered every time. Shop Maxbone here.

3. Chew This Journal dog activity book

dog and owner activity book

Perfect for the dog-loving bookworm in your life, this book is full of fun activities that owners and dogs alike can enjoy. Everything from DIY dog beds to puzzle games to pet-friendly recipes, these pages will keep a pet parent entertained for weeks! Shop Urban Outfitters here.

4. Wild One treat pouch

treat pouch for dog owners

If you're a pet parent in the midst of training your dog, this treat pouch is the ultimate holiday gift. Not only does it fit lots of tasty goodness for your pet, but it's also made with 10 recycled water bottles and is wickedly stylish. Don't forget to purchase some mouthwatering Wild One treats to go with! Shop Wild One here.

5. Barbour dog puffer

dog wearing puffer jacket in field

It's no secret that winters can get brutally cold, even when you already have a coat of fur! That's why it's important to make sure your dog is insulated enough before walks in the brisk weather. This Barbour quilted puffer coat is perfect for even the most naked of dogs (and it's pretty cute, too!). Shop Barbour here.

6. PLAY barking brunch toys

brunch-shaped dog chew toys

Millennials aren't the only ones obsessed with avocado toast. With these barking brunch plush toys from PLAY, your dog could be, too! And if AM dishes aren't exactly your thing, PLAY has dozens more adorably-shaped chews for your canine companion. Shop PLAY here.

7. Outdoor dog tent

woman looking at her pet dog in a dog tent

Active pet parents, rejoice! No more muddy paws dirtying up your tent this holiday season. Get your pup their own personal tent, so they can stay warm and dry when you explore the great outdoors. Plus, it's completely waterproof. Shop Nordstrom here.

8. Dog person hat

blue hat that says

Lucy and Co is no stranger to adorable pet people apparel, and we always love their latest designs. Dog people are our kind of people, so we're grateful that this hat makes it easy to identify.Shop Lucy and Co here.

9. Kiehl's dog shampoo

Rub-a-dub-dub, two pups in a tub! Beloved skincare brand Kiehl's has introduced their own line of dog shampoos that will pamper and cleanse your beloved pooch. Made with the highest quality ingredients, you'll definitely want to give these products a try. Shop Kiehl's here.

10. Designer treat jar

artistic dog treat jar

Hi pet parents. This is a message from your dog. The best gift is a gift that keeps on giving... delicious treats to me. That's right, every dog mom or dad can use a gorgeous treat jar for their countertop - one you won't need to hide in the cupboard when company visits. Shop Fringe Studio here.

For the cat person

11. Kin and Kind kitty kit

Cat got stinky ears? Don't fret - pet brand Kin + Kind has developed a line of natural, vet-tested kitty care items to keep your feline feeling fine. Natural oatmeal shampoo comes in handy if your cat lets you bathe them, but if not, they even have a calming waterless bath product. Shop Kin + Kind here.

12. Zee Dog cat harness

cat in colorful harness

Are you leash training your cat so they can join you outdoors? You may want to grab a stylish Zee Dog cat harness first. It comes with a fully adjustable, comfortable harness and matching sturdy leash. Even the biggest of kitty homebodies will want to venture out. Shop Zee Dog.

13. Pebble cat supplements

cat vitamins and supplements

These beautifully-designed pet dietary supplements will keep your cat feeling vibrant and healthy this holiday season. Joint pills, vitamins for shiny coats, and more, all in one fun box. Shop Pebble here.

14. Multilevel cat climbing tower

cat hiding in climbing tower

Rule number one of cat ownership: provide them with ALL the climbing avenues. It's no secret that cats love to frolic and climb, but their options aren't always the most aesthetically pleasing. We love this tower from Urban Outfitters because it fits perfectly among your other chic furniture, but is fully functional. Shop Urban Outfitters here.

15. Pet cat holiday cracker

pet cat christmas cracker

What's that under the tree? A surprise for your feline friend! Sure, they may not have the opposable thumbs needed to crack it open, but once you do it for them, lots of kitty-worthy goodies await. What will they get this year? You'll just have to wait and see. Shop Neiman Marcus here.

16. Cat astrology book

cat astrology book

Why is your kitten the way that they are? Maybe it's written in the stars. This fun book is perfect for the astrology-loving pet parent who wants to get even closer to their beloved cat. There's also a dog version for friends who own both! Shop Anthropologie here.

17. The mesa cat bowl

pet cat eating out of an artistic bowl

If your cat wishes to eat in style, the Mesa bowl by Cat Person is a great gift for you. Its no-tip design leaves their dinner space mess-free, and the design is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their interior design. Shop Cat Person here.

18. The cat pod

wicker cat bed

Catch those kitty zzz's in the cutest wicker bed. This cat pod is an ideal gift for the pet parent who appreciates their space in the bed and wants Felix to sleep separately, but comfortably. This bed is great for anyone with boho or minimalist style and is lined with decadent sherpa bedding. Shop Anthropologie here.

19. Snaky snake catnip toy

Cat playing with snake toy

This cute, minimal catnip toy will have your cat yelling "I'm a little sneaky snake". The goodness inside will help alleviate anxiety while its fun shape will keep your kitten entertained all day long. Shop Pets So Good here.

20. Pet companion robot

cat playing with robot companion

Returning to the office and in need of some entertainment for your cat? Meet EBO, your kitten's newest robotic friend. EBO helps you monitor, play with, and enrich the life of your pets. We're pretty impressed with these pet sitters of the future, and think you will be too

Don't forget, the greatest gift a pet parent can get their dog or cat is a happy, healthy life. Consider looking into pet insurance, so you never have to make a hard decision between your beloved companion and your wallet. Get a quote today.

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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