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7 Cookbooks, Treat-Mixes and Makers to Gift the Pickiest Pets

Remy the rat isn't the only pet who's interested in "chefing it up". When it comes to DIY pet recipes and treats, we're all about it. In fact, Figo has a whole series dedicated to creating healthy and delicious goodies for our office pups. But with the holidays upon us, we're looking to gift something a little more tangible this year - especially for our food-loving pet parent friends and family. Read through our list of top cookbooks and treat mixes for even the most discerning pet palate.

1. Cooking For Cats

cooking for cats book

Twenty simple and delicious recipes for the felines in your life. Author Debora Robertson said each one was inspired by her own cat, Dixie. It also provides important guidance on making sure your cat gets the most out of its diet. Shop it here.

2. Puppy Cake Mix for Dogs

cake mix for dogs

Bow-wow-wow! No pup can turn down their nose to a freshly-baked cake. These mixes come in multiple flavors and can even be microwaved for the pet-parent on the go. Give them a try here.

3. Ice Cream for Cats

cat ice cream

With flavors like "Screaming Bonito", your cat won't be able to resist. Made from lactose-free goat's milk, it won't upset your kitten's tummy, so you can feel confident treating your pet without worry. Grab a few here.

4. Proud Dog Chef Cookbook

Proud dog chef book

Ooh, la, la, open up this book and enjoy 60 gluten-free and grain-free recipes that range from biscuits and pupcakes to jerky and veggie chips. Remember to consult your vet before replacing any meals with these recipes, but a treat or two is never a bad idea! Find it here.

5. Cat Wine

cat wine pack

After a long day cooking up cat treats in the kitchen, you may want a glass of wine. If you're drinking with your cat, you're not drinking alone, right? Crack open some Pinot Meow and relax. Grab a kit here.

6. DASH Dog Treat Maker

dog treat maker

There's nothing quite like freshly-baked dog biscuits! If you're into cooking up homemade creations for your canine companion, this is a great gift to treat yourself with. It even comes with a biscuit cookbook in case you need some inspiration. Grab it here.

7. Messy Mutts Frozen Treat Molds

frozen dog treat molds

If your dog is less of a baked-good boy and more of a frozen fan, you're going to want to grab a few of these ice-cold molds. Simply fill with your liquid treat of choice (popular options include bone broth, fresh juices, and yogurt), and freeze until solid. Then pop them out whenever your pup is in need of something to munch on. Get one here.

Don't forget, the greatest gift a pet parent can get their dog or cat is a happy, healthy life. Consider looking into pet insurance, so you never have to make a hard decision between your beloved companion and your wallet. Get a quote today.

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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