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Dog and cat helping themselves to food in the refrigerator

7 dogs who were a little too hungry

We’ve all been a little hangry—grumpy since you just want food—one time or another. Maybe it’s Sunday brunch and all you want is the heaping pile of eggs, hashbrowns, toast, pancakes, waffles, bacon and sausage that you ordered. Maybe you’re waiting for your food to be delivered because the fridge is empty (oops). Regardless, we all know that struggle and so do these pups.

My aunt’s black lab was a master food thief. He learned how to open their fridge, so they often came home to Roscoe having eaten a tub of margarine, a package of hot dogs, a pan of cookie dough, or more.

This Subway sleuth put in a lot of stealth to eat his sandwich in peace.

It doesn’t look like Wiggles will be issuing an apology anytime soon #sorrynotsorry

Another pug perpetrator! Apparently this family’s neighbor leaves food out for homeless cats to have a meal and they caught their dog over there one morning.

Not all these dogs are hungry it seems, some are thirsty. This Dachshund is either a hoarder or loves margaritas. It gives a new meaning to the term “booze hound.”

Some pups are too clever for their own good, but this one used it to his FULL advantage.

Neither of these pups seem to have any regrets, especially red beard. And how could you be mad at that husky’s face? Oh right… big emergency vet bill.

Lucky for you, we know a great pet insurance company that can cover those big vet bills, so sign your dog up before they decide to treat themselves to a pan of cookies or a whole turkey.

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