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Budget-Savvy DIY Mason Jar Gifts Every Pet Parent Will Love

By: Lizz Caputo

Get creative this gift-giving season with DIY Mason jar gifts for dog and cat parents. From treats to toys, these curated jars make for the perfect personalized present.

Woman shopping with dog in pet store

Gifting season is upon us, and what better way to spread the love than with a personalized present for your pet-parent pod?

In a year when the economy has many tightening their belts, DIY gifts and baskets of smaller items have surged in popularity. They offer a way to give something meaningful without breaking the bank.

Mason jars aren't just for canning; they're the perfect vessel for a curated collection of pet goodies. Let’s dive into some creative ideas for Mason jar gifts that’ll have pet parents everywhere excited.

For the dog parent

The classic dog jar

dog toy-filled mason jar

Image source: Moments with Mandi


  • Assorted dog treats (small biscuits, chew sticks)

  • Rope toy

  • A mini tennis ball

Fill a large Mason jar with assorted treats, pop in a rope toy and a mini tennis ball, and seal it. Add a label that says, "The Treat Lover's Jar," and you’re good to go!

buddy buscuits

Holiday-Shaped Dog Treats

Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits are palatable with no crunch. An excellent choice for all dogs, especially older dogs or smaller dogs who prefer a softer treat. Along with indulging your pup, Buddy Soft & Chewy treats are also perfect for training, with a low-calorie count and chock full of flavor to keep your dog motivated.

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Candy cane rope toy

Seasonal Rope Toy

A perfect gift for the holidays, this candy cane dog toy comes with rope detailing for extra fun. Made with soft fabric, this plush dog toy set is great for chasing and tugging play.

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holiday themed tennis balls

Holiday Tennis Balls

Made from rubber, these tennis balls make the perfect soft fetch toy for your dog to hold in their mouth. This pack includes two tennis balls — one solid red and one solid green — to bring festive cheer to their playtime.

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The adventure seeker's jar


  • Durable chew bones

  • Collar light

  • A dog-friendly water bottle

Fill the Mason jar with a detachable dog collar light for maximum visibility, a couple of dog bones, and tie a collapsible water bottle to the outside. Label it, "The Adventure Seeker's Jar," and you've got the perfect gift for the dog parent who loves the great outdoors.

Dog collar light

Detachable Dog Collar Light

Whenever you need a little light, the rechargeable SpotLit is there. Set in a secure stainless steel carabiner clip with a durable, weather-resistant body, all it takes is a little push to bring it to life.

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Purina Busy Bones

Durable Bones

Bring chew-rific fun to your best buddy’s day with Purina Busy Bone long-lasting dog bones and chew treats. Available in small, medium, and large sizes and a variety of shapes and textures, Busy Bone makes it simple to delight every dog in your pack.

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Portable Dog bowl

Portable Dog Bowl

This travel water bowl for dogs packs down flat and fits right in your dog travel bag with the rest of your pet supplies. This essential piece of dog hiking gear is the best way to give them food or water on walks, when hiking, at dog parks, and on long car rides!

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The personalized treat jar

personalized dog treat jars

Image Source: The Sweetest Occasion


  • A handpicked selection of dog treats

  • A custom dog ornament tied to the outside

Fill a Mason jar with a handpicked selection of dog treats. Add a specialty label and tie a custom dog ornament to the outside of the jar for that personal touch.

Oreo-shaped dog treats

Seasonal Dog Cookies

Whether your pup wants carob cookies with a peanut butter center or golden cookies with a vanilla center, you can relax knowing that both are baked to perfection with wholesome ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors or fillers.

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golden retriever ornament

Custom Dog Ornament

This Fabric Golden Retriever Dog Wearing 'Fa La La' Headband Christmas Tree Ornament from Wondershop™ will add a paw-some look to your holiday tree. Made from soft fabric with a fuzzy texture, this adorable hanging ornament features a Golden Retriever dog wearing a red "Fa la La" headband for festive appeal. Plus, it comes with a red candy cane cord loop that makes it easy to hang from the branches of your tree.

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The pampered pup jar


  • Pet-safe dry shampoo

  • Paw balm

  • Skin and coat supplements

  • Bandana

Fill the jar with some spa-worthy goods and wrap it in a cute dog bandana. Every dog mom or dad wants their pup to look pristine!

Dry Dog Shampoo

Pet-Friendly Dry Shampoo

A waterless way to reduce odor and refresh in between baths. Because we know that hide-under-the-bed bathtime drill.

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skin and coat supplements

Skin & Coat Supplements

Formulated with omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that help promote a luscious skin and coat, shedding maintenance, and healthy skin cells.

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Prebiotic Pet balm

Prebiotic Pet Balm

Our cat and dog paw, skin, and nose balm provides instant relief and ongoing protection while soothing dry, itchy paws and noses.

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Holiday bandana

Holiday Bandana

Get festive with your furry sidekick and treat them to a warm, seasonal bandana. Your Instagram feed can't resist the cuteness.

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For the Cat Parent

The toy box jar


  • Assorted cat toys (mice, balls)

  • A small bag of catnip

  • Tuft & Paw gift card

In a Mason jar, stack an assortment of cat toys and top it off with a gift card to their favorite pet brand. Seal and label it, "[Pet Name]'s Toy Box."

Hannukah Mice Toys

Seasonal Cat Toys

This pack includes four plush mice, including one with a dreidel print and one with the repeated text "Happy Hanukkah." These mouse toys are perfect for pouncing and chasing, and they're filled with catnip to get your feline friend extra excited.

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Cat pom poms

Festive Pom Pom Cat Toys

This three-pack of cat toys includes three colorful poms with a furry and lightweight design to make it easy for your cat to swat and carry around. These lightweight poms also contain catnip to attract your pet while satisfying their instinct to hunt.

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E gift card

Pet Brand Gift Card

Cats can be picky. Let them (or their human) pick out a special piece from Tuft and Paw that they'll love whenever works for them.

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The gourmet cat jar

Catnip Jars

Image source: Joy the Baker


  • Assorted small cans of wet cat food

  • A small bottle of salmon oil

  • A fancy catnip treat

For the cat with a refined palate, fill a Mason jar with small cans of gourmet wet cat food, a small bottle of salmon oil, and a special catnip treat. Label it, "The Gourmet Cat Jar."

Cat food

Canned Wet Food

Premium cage-free turkey and turkey liver for a savory minced recipe sure to please the pickiest palate. Hydrating bone broth (Nacho’s signature ingredient) adds concentrated protein and a burst of flavor to the mix.

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Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Cats and Small Dogs

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Cats

This pure liquid supplement has just one ingredient: nutrient-packed, 100% natural salmon oil from sustainable fisheries in Alaska. Salmon oil is a great (and tasty) way to support your pet’s full-body health as they grow older.

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Catnip bottle

Ground Catnip & Catnip Buds

The finest catnip that will wangle your miskers. It’s derived from the trimmings of our catnip buds, then hand-processed to get the cleanest shake on the shelf. No sticks, no seeds!

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The cuddle jar


  • A small fleece fabric square, rolled up

  • A calming diffuser

  • A plush catnip toy

In a larger Mason jar, carefully place a small rolled-up fleece fabric square, a calming diffuser, and a plush toy. This one is perfect for those colder months. Add a label that says, "Open Me(ow) and Get Cozy"

Chill Out Cat Diffuser

Cat Calming Diffuser

Pheromones are chemical signals that are used between animals of the same species as a means of communication. The Chill Out diffuser contains a drug-free formula which mimics natural calming pheromones that are sure to have your puss feeling safe, happy, and relaxed.

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Catnip toy

Catnip-Filled Toy

The Quirky Kitty Unicorn Nipper compressed catnip bobble toy is a fun and unique catnip toy that wobbles and bobbles as cats bat, swat, and play! The ball shape allows for wobbling movement on the floor, this engaging movement activates the cat's natural hunting instincts and prey drive.

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The chic kitty jar


  • Cat paw balm

  • Cat shampoo

  • Skin & coat supplements

In a jar, pop your pet balm, cat shampoo, and supplements inside. Wrap it with a beautiful bow and call it a day!


Soothing Balm for Pets

This 100% natural cat and dog paw balm and nose balm provides instant relief and ongoing protection while soothing dry, itchy paws and noses.

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Waterless Shampoo for Cats

Waterless Cat Shampoo

Kindfull Waterless Shampoo for Cats naturally cleanses and deodorizes your cat gently without the hassle of a bath. This fragrance-free formula moisturizes and soothes dry skin as it removes odor without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol or dyes.

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Skin & Coat Supplements for Cats

Skin & Coat Supplements for Cats

Give your cat an extra vitamin boost with our tasty, nutrient-rich purées of turkey and salmon. These grain-free cat supplements are available in 5 targeted health benefits, so you can customize your cat’s diet to their specific needs.

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These Mason jar gifts are a simple yet thoughtful way to show your pet-parent friends that you care. Whether they’re for dogs or cats, these jars can be easily customized to suit any pet's needs, and more importantly, every gifters budget. So, grab a Mason jar and start filling—it's the perfect way to show some love, one paw at a time.

Lizz Caputo is the Manager of Content Strategy at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Figo writer Lizz Caputo


Lizz Caputo

Manager of Content Strategy at Figo

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