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Kitten stealing dog's bed

Cat napper: Felines who love to steal their dog’s bed

We admit sometimes cats can be jerks and sometimes dogs are just big babies. Cats like to be cozy, typically inside a box or small spaces. Other times, they seemingly want to show the dogs of the house who is really the leader of the pack. It’s probably out of spite or just some evil mastermind kind of fun.

We bought a new bed for the dog. Came back to find this.

The dogs are either too polite, scared of confrontation, or too tired to put a fight. Probably all three.

My gentle giant is such a gracious sharer.

Other times, the dogs look to their humans to do something about their predicament, like this little Frenchie.

Frenchie defeat

And this pup clearly wanting help.

The dog woke me up in the pitch black, clearly upset, and showed me this. I thought this only happened on YouTube.

But the dogs might be getting the last laugh. Or at least these dogs are!

There's a cat in our dog tree!

The cat vs dog debate rages on, but we have to give this round to our feline friends.

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