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Cats On Glass: Flipping Your Feline Perspective Upside Down | Figo Pet Insurance

Cats on glass: Flipping your feline perspective upside down

Cats on glass objects like tables and shelves show us a world of smooshed floof and feline feets—lots of magical toe beans. I'm only mildly obsessed, it's ok. It does, however, make me wonder if cats are liquids or solids because they seem to morph into whatever container and surface they are on.

1. Judgment comes from all levels, but this time it comes from the very top. The large, fluffy top.

Cats on glass 1

2. "Can I help you? I'm trying to hook up the tv so I can binge my favorite Catflix shows."

Cats on glass 2

3. Sometimes glass comes in handy for a subtle, passive-aggressive reminder from your cat that their paws are dirty.

Cats on glass 3

4. What do you see in this inkblot-esque belly? Dragon? Airplane? Kitten?

Cats on glass 4

5. "Who disturbs my slumber?"

Cats on glass 5

6. Desperate times call for desperate measures when you can't get enough sun in the winter months. For best results, press belly against the class for even color.

Cats on glass 6

7. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe; catch a tiger by the toe.

Cats on glass 7

8. Best way to avoid those annoying pillow lines on your face is to sleep on glass. Smart kitty.

Cats on glass 8

9. "Please ma'am no photos. This belly is reserved for petting and only during my office hours. Thank you in advance for your cooperation."

Cats on glass 9

10. Sometimes you need your windshield wipers because it's raining cats and dogs. Other times you need them to clean off paw prints.

11. "We are a little early for our appointment, but we are here for a mani pedi whenever you're ready. Thanks."

Cats on glass 10

12. When you're friends with a morning person and you just want to crawl back into bed.

Cats on glass 11

Mark Carrott Odden is a project manager and freelance designer/photographer with an overt obsession with dogs—particularly Great Danes and Newfoundlands. His childhood dog, a rescued border collie mix, shared the same tinge-of-the-ginger hair color as his family, so it was meant to be. His affinity for puns and stringent grammarista tendencies help bring levity to the internet because there is always time to watch one more cat video.

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