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Cat knocking down ornaments on a holiday tree

Cats love to knock things over

Sometimes it’s hard to fight the feeling that cats just want to watch the world burn. Especially when Mr. Bigglesworth stares directly into your eyes as he defiantly hurls your water glass off the table or pushes your medicine bottles off of the counter. 

Image of Mr. Bigglesworth

But why is Fluffy on this destructive path? Do cats just like to be jerks? Are they trying to assert their status as feline overlords and our homes are their territory?

The short answer is yes.

Just kidding, it’s not that simple. Cats are natural hunters. And being the loveable sociopaths that they are, cats like to toy with their prey. Instinctually, that cup or trinket that they are pawing at might magically transform into a mouse that will scurry off and give your feline the thrill of the chase they’ve been hoping for. A literal game of cat-and-mouse. Get it? So they’re likely just curiously exploring the inanimate objects to entertain themselves. Or you’re raising the feline-version of the Zodiac Killer. One or the other.

Cats are also pretty smart, there’s no way around that. So they’re smart enough to realize that they can beckon you—their minion owner—by sending that vase of flowers toppling off the table. Maybe they’re bored. Maybe they’re hungry. Maybe they just wanted to annoy you. But they know you’ll come quickly when they hear something crash, plus they don’t have to move an inch. Win-win (for them). 

Best way to get around this diabolical behavior is having more distractions for them—aka LOTS of cat toys. It’s a sacrifice you’ll have to make in order to save your glassware. Hey, maybe they’re just trying to help keep your flat surfaces clean? Ok, I know it’s pretty unlikely, but let’s try to be optimistic. At the very least, the internet loves cat videos, so maybe your kitten will launch you to YouTube-celebrity status. Good luck to you and your tabletops!

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