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Does New York City have dog friendly coffee shops?

Looking for a great corner coffee shop or trendy café in New York City that also happens to be dog friendly? Look no further: These NYC coffee shops will cater to both you and your pooch!

Does New York City have dog friendly coffee shops?

New York City is overflowing with coffee shops that know how to make a killer cup of coffee. These days, shops roll out creamy, rich lattes and creative beverages while serving up fresh, local and sometimes organic dishes with a creative spin.

When in the Big Apple, you have to hit up some of the many coffee establishments, and a huge list of them will allow you to bring your furry best friend along. These are the ones that deliver great brews and a kind smile for your pup.

1. Boris and Horton.Not only allows pups, they welcome them inside the shop (which has been approved by the Department of Health). Along with coffees and specialty lattes, such as ones with spicy or maple flavors, the shop has a mouthwatering selection of unique pastries, like a cornflake blueberry muffin. Sandwiches, toasts and small plates are available as well, and we won’t judge if you share a cheese plate with your furry one.

2. The Bean. At 2nd Avenue and East 3rd, The Bean serves coffee in a down to earth atmosphere, where many students seek refuge to complete projects and study. There is another NYC location, as well. Aside from the typical cappuccino, latte, café au lait and so on, they have some fun selections like the Frozen Mona Lisa (basically a frappe), or a filthy chai with extra shots. They’ve got baked goods galore, from macarons to donuts. But I guess the whole point is that you can enjoy it all with your four-legged buddy.

3. Pier i Café.Pier i Café likely offers the most scenic spot in the city to sip a cup of Joe with your dog. Riverside dining space is the spot to be in the spring or summer, also offering a glimpse of the skyline. Definitely give the quinoa salad and lobster roll a try if hungry enough for a meal.

4. Intelligentsia Coffee. Intelligentsia Coffee has a pup friendly coffee bar on 10th avenue at 20th street, which has a lovely courtyard and rustic interior with exposed brick. Here you can simply find really good coffee—it’s a solid pick.

5.Three Seat Espresso. Three Seat Espresso in Manhattan has some seriously gorgeous concoctions just waiting to be shared on Instagram. Savory options to enjoy with a latte include a coleslaw topped spicy chicken sandwich, or a bacon kale salad. Stop in with Fido after a morning walk.

6. Black Cat LES. Black Cat LES is ironically dog friendly and has a hyper cozy vibe inside and out. The menu is locally fueled, so you know it’s completely delicious. Try a sweet meow bowl with granola, milk and fruit, or some savory charcuterie. Black Cat specializes in an overwhelming variety of teas prepare in a list of ways. The Peach Blossom and Fire Ginseng are awesome. This is a good selection for hot beverage cravers that have to skip the loads of caffeine in coffee.

7. Bluestone Lane Upper East Side Café. Bluestone Lane Upper East Side Café creates lavish toasts and bowls that will have you feeling satisfied and healthy. The location is lovely, with intricate buildings nearby—take a latte to go and walk to nearby Central Park afterward. Tip: Keep your dog on leash at the park unless you come across a designated off leash area.

8. Hutch + Waldo. Hutch + Waldo has a great brunch with locally sourced ingredients for tasty bowls and such, and of course a colorful assortment of lattes. Matcha, golden turmeric, beet and your regular espresso based selections mean there are some tough choices to be made. A dog is even a part of the logo.

9. B Cup Café. B Cup Café welcomes with colorful artistry and wall art, and inside is a haven for those with special dietary needs, even if you’re hankering for a gluten free sandwich or vegan dessert. House made beverages, including the most refreshing mint lemonade, await. Pups are welcome to dine outside with their parents.

10. Think Coffee. Plenty of tables are available outside for pups and their people—Think Coffee in New York is a phenomenal place to drink fair trade coffee sourced from supreme destinations such as Peru. Brews are so complex, you might even prefer to drink them black.

So, if you’re in need of a caffeine fix, or even just want a trendy snack, you now know where to go with your canine best friend in tow. Better yet, go on a coffee shop scavenger adventure and try them all!

Editor’s Note: Are you planning to travel to a pet friendly city this summer? These tips will help make your city travels enjoyable—from the sunny dog beach to the corner bistro.

Karyn Wofford is a “Mom” to her fluffy, sweet dog Halli. She spends much of her time traveling and advocating for Type 1 diabetes—and Halli sometimes accompanies her on her adventures. You’ll find Karyn’s work on sites like Mother Earth Living, and in magazines such as Diabetes Forecast.

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