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What Dog Breeds Are Most Popular Among Young People?

A dog can be a big commitment, especially if you're a younger pet parent. We explore the low(er) maintenance breeds that are perfect for every kind of younger owner.

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Studies have shown that dogs can help teens and young adults overcome feelings of alienation. They provide comfort and company when everything and everyone else feels overwhelming.

However, not all dogs are easy to manage for younger owners. In fact, some dog breeds can make stress and anxiety worse.

How so? Some dog breeds are naturally very high-energy or noisy. Others have high maintenance needs.

For that very reason, there are several breeds and mixes that are popular amongst young people. In this post, we’ll share these breeds along with the reasons why youngsters love them.

For the first-time pet owner

Labrador Retriever

lab puppy on floor

Active outside and couch potatoes indoors? That's just one reason a classic Lab appeals to a younger crowd. In general, they are well-tempered and love to please their owners, thus are highly trainable. There's a reason they tend to be used as therapy dogs!

If you're planning to become the owner of one of these fabulous pups, ensure you have enough room to exercise them - a tired dog is a happy one.

For the apartment dweller

Welsh Corgi

corgi in grass

Welsh Corgi are excellent picks for socially and digitally active young adults. These dogs are simply adorable and highly photogenic with their big ears, compact body, furry neck, and belly.

They are outgoing and tend to bark less, so, you won’t have trouble taking them out with you in public places. Even at home, you can expect these dogs to provide you with good company.

Plus, Corgis are small in size. So, they adjust well in small living spaces, such as apartments, and they have minimal maintenance needs. Be aware: they have a lifespan of about 12 – 15 years, which is relatively long compared to other dog breeds.

For the couch potato


pug laying on couch

Pugs are not particularly curious or strong-willed. They have a reputation for being sweet, cute, and fun. They love to snuggle and cuddle with their owners.

You won’t feel lonely or left out if you have a pug around, with their “happy-go-lucky” persona. Unlike some other dog breeds, you won’t find pugs ignoring your commands.

Overall pugs are obedient and smart enough to learn tricks. And with a short muzzle and stocky legs, their exercise requirements are minimal, making them perfect apartment-dwelling pets.

For the neat freak

Poodle or Poodle mixes

two poodles side by side

Poodles are a smart, highly-trainable breed that are cute and well-adjusted. This breed is typically considered "hypoallergenic". They do not shed much and smell nice, though you will have to maintain a regular grooming schedule to prevent matted fur. They are generally seen as kid and stranger-friendly, and will be happiest with daily long walks to satisfy their energy level.

Remember, no matter what dog breed you take home, it's important to train them. Otherwise, they may bark excessively and develop reactivity or separation anxiety.

For the active athlete

Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix

blue heeler mix on mountain

Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mix has a reputation of being similar to a German Shepherd, but 10x more protective.

These dogs develop a strong sense of attachment and ownership towards their home and family. So they can be protective of you at the sight of an intruder.

Now, that doesn’t mean Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mixes are unwelcoming to your guests. If well-socialized, you’ll typically find them to be interactive and alert. If you fail to notice something unusual, they will. You can count on them regarding security. For that very reason, these dogs are popular among young people who live alone.

Apart from being protective, Jack Russell Blue Heeler Mixes are very playful and active. They do require ample amounts of attention and stimulation every day, so first-time dog owners looking for a running companion need to look no further.

For the big-dog lover

Saint Bernard

saint bernard dog laying down

Saint Bernard is one of the few large breed dogs popular with young people. These dogs can be a bit difficult to maintain in terms of physical care. But they make excellent dogs for quiet young adults.

The Saint Bernard is soft, gentle, and graceful. They play but only a little. Other than that, they like to explore by themselves and spend a bit of time alone. They also have a reputation for being quite easy to train.

Final Words

Remember, the key is to find a dog breed that syncs with your personality and lifestyle. No breed temperament list can predict with certainty the behavior and personality of a pet - these traits are highly individual and rely on proper socialization and training. However, certain breeds have better reputations among young owners.

The best way to find a pup that's the perfect fit for you is to foster or do a meet-and-greet. We recommend looking at adoptable pets near you to find your next companion.

Xavier James is an experienced content writer and a certified marketing trainer. He works at The Pro Linkers.

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