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Dog friendly bars and pubs in the US

From Seattle, Washington to Portland, Maine dog friendly bars and pubs offer brew, food, and both indoor and outdoor options to accommodate your furry companion.

Dog friendly bars and pubs in the US

Who doesn’t love a night out at the pub? Craft brewers and distillers, along with more traditional restaurants with great bars, are working toward accommodating man’s best friend more and more. Below are our top picks for indoor and outdoor establishments.

Dog Friendly Outdoor Bars

Many-a-bar allows pups on their outdoor patio, which makes going out pretty easy. These are some of our top accommodating choices with awesome patios:

O.H.S.O Eatery + Nano Brewery (Phoenix, Arizona), also known as Outrageous Homebrewer’s Social Outpost, located on the canal. Thirty-something craft brews, and the American fare, certainly live up to the name of the joint. The back patio is generously sized, and faces toward the water—there’s even a game area. Pups are welcomed with love, and delicious treats, while humans can chow down on biscuits with spicy sausage beer gravy or green chile pork fries.

Wonder Bar (Asbury Park, New Jersey) is an outdoor haven for pups and owners. Dog splash pools, sandy beach terrain and a huge wooden deck are fenced in so dogs can run free while you enjoy a cocktail from the Tiki Bar.

Denver Beer Co. (Denver, Colorado) has a modern biergarten with misting fans on hot days—needless to say, this is a wonderful spot to sip onsite made brews during the warmer months, with pops in tow. From the obscure, like the graham cracker porter, to the pleasant staples, they have a beer for every set of taste buds. Bonus—pups get biscuits made from leftover grains of the brewing process.

Sebago Brewing Company (Portland, Maine) may only be open five months a year, but during that time the weather is heavenly, will cool gentle breezes. Food is kicked up a notch from the basic pub or bar fare, with the naked calamari being a delicious example. And of course, the beer list is impressive.

Black Labrador Pub (Houston, Texas) is set within a charming neighborhood—vines creep up the brick siding and rich, warm woods add a welcoming touch. Traditional pub food, from Shepherd’s pie to bangers and mash, are paired seamlessly with scotch, beer and other excellently crafted spirits. But the best part is being able to enjoy it all with your pup.

Dog Friendly Indoor Bars

Finding bars and food joints that allow dogs inside is a bit more tricky, but we found more than a handful. These are our favs:

The Dog Bar (Charlotte, North Carolina) and is a major hub for pet owners, as dogs freely trot inside or out, where a large AstroTurf area provides even more fun. Be sure to bring your furry friend’s vaccination records, and be aware you’ll pay a first time membership fee of $10, which is totally worth it. Menus from surrounding restaurant that provide takeout are available, so you can get some grub to go with the beer, wine and spirit selection.

D.b.a (New York, New York) has this gorgeous backyard garden with gravel terrain, shading trees and sheltered seating. The Florida room type accommodations are above your typical dog friendly spaces, so it falls into the “indoors” category. This isn’t the place to come for food, but rather an intensely diverse list of beer, both local and imported.

Hitchhiker Brewing (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) welcome dogs on three spacious play patios, and even inside. This might be one of the best places on the entire list to drink beer as well, with a colorful list of offerings. Everyone’s happy!

Dogwood Seattle (Seattle, Washington) features not only plenty of outdoor space, but a generous concrete area inside. Lounge on a comfy chair while your pup plays and you enjoy some tasty cider, wine, and of course beer. Forgot the toys? No biggie, there’s tennis ball vending machines.

Bark Bar (Little Rock, Arkansas) takes the cake: The indoor/outdoor dog friendly space is designed to be the ultimate hangout for four-legged friends and humans—even if you don’t have a dog it’s a fun place to come grab a creative, angus beef artisan hot dog or a drink. On the dog menu are chicken, beef or pork “ales”, carrots and pup ice cream! You can even host Fido’s birthday party here!

These welcoming establishments might love dogs almost as much as you, and the trend of doggy accommodating facilities is growing. So go ahead, get out there and have a great night with your best pal.

Karyn Wofford is a “Mom” to her fluffy, sweet dog Halli. She spends much of her time traveling and advocating for Type 1 diabetes—and Halli sometimes accompanies her on her adventures. You’ll find Karyn’s work on sites like Mother Earth Living, and in magazines such as Diabetes Forecast.

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