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Dog vs. food: Canines battle the world of human snacks

These dogs have interesting interactions with food. Watch as they bravely battle the world of human snacks.

Dog vs. food: Canines battle the world of human snacks

Dogs have interesting interactions with food. Some are like living vacuums, seemingly inhaling their kibble that disappears in seconds. Some are picky eaters: preferring to eat in another room, refusing to eat unless you are standing by them, or throwing a tantrum if they aren’t fed at exactly 5pm on the dot. Others approach certain edible objects with confusion and consternation.

Somehow their bouncy weirdness trying to figure out how to eat makes these pups even cuter.

Broccoli. Nobody wants to eat healthy. Nobody. So, this husky’s encounter with this perplexing nemesis vegetable is completely understandable.

Strawberry.This Shar Pei can’t seem to figure out if he wants to nibble on this frozen berry or his front paws, but life must be very confusing when you have so many wrinkles and the world’s squishiest face. Berry 1, Pup 0.

Another strawberry.Who knew strawbs were so confusing to the canine species. Perhaps it’s because they look like smaller versions of a certain rubber chew toy?

Carrot. He probably wanted a cheeto instead. The struggle is real.

Lettuce. When it looks like a giant edible tennis ball, how could this pup resist? And nothing will stand in the way of his conquest, not even a measly coffee table.

Orange. It doesn’t help when the delicious part always seems to be face down and rolls away when you try to flip it over.

Lemon.To be fair, lemons are kind of confusing. They smell good but can also be sweet, sour, and/or bitter. But you have to respect this Bernese Mountain pup dedication in exploring the strange world of citrus fruits.

Water. Unsure of how his delicious water got into a crinkly transparent toy, this bulldog pup hopes barking at a water bottle will somehow open it because he is thirsty.

Ice.Barking translation: “You’re water? Cool, I could use a drink. COLD! Wait, why are you cold??? And solid... Great, now I have brain freeze! Oh heck. Darn you ice.”

Watermelon.Frenchie pup living his best life eating his way out of a watermelon and into a food coma—the things dreams are made of.

Bonus: Food bowl.And when food is life, you bring your food bowl wherever you go just like this English Bowldog. Smart boy.

Mark Carrott Odden is a project manager and freelance designer/photographer with an overt obsession with dogs—particularly Great Danes and Newfoundlands. His childhood dog, a rescued border collie mix, shared the same tinge-of-the-ginger hair color as his family, so it was meant to be. His affinity for puns and stringent grammarista tendencies help bring levity to the internet because there is always time to watch one more cat video.

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