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Doggy personalities: Which one is your pup?

Much like the people who love them, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and personality types. From goofy to serious to neurotic, there’s no one right way to be a dog...but there are a few recognizable archetypes.

See if you recognize your own pup in our list!

The Sheriff. Whenever things get too rowdy at the dog park, there’s always that one big pooch ready to step in and keep the peace. These dogs are friendly to all but take crap from none.

The Athlete. For some dogs, fetch isn’t just a game, it’s the ultimate chance to push themselves to their limits. Because when it comes to activities, if they can’t catch it, climb on top of it, or outrun it, what is even the point?

The Organizer. Even dogs can be type A! Some pups (often of the shepherd varieties) just aren’t happy unless their toys are where they go, their schedules are consistent, and they have successfully corralled all their people into the same room.

The Eeyore. Dogs have a reputation as the world’s most happy-go-lucky creatures, but there are a few who haven’t gotten that memo. With those sweet, doleful eyes, these are the dogs that make us ask: Are you really sad or is that just your face?

The Bandit. Some dogs live to break the rules. These are the escape artists, for whom every enclosure is a puzzle to be solved. They’re the thieves just itching to lift that piece of bacon off the dinner table. You might get frustrated at their antics, but you can’t help admiring their guts.

The McConaughey. These are the dogs with the laid-back surfer mentality, winning smiles, and definite goofiness. They make for great companions, even if they occasionally run away for hours, only to return covered in mud and looking totally unashamed. Regardless of what they’re doing, for these pups everything is always alright, alright, alright.

The Lone Ranger. The average dog loves nothing more than to be surrounded by the people and animals they love...but these aren’t the average dogs. Happiest sniffing a trail through the woods or posing majestically by a cliff, these dogs can seem aloof, but they’re still happy to come home for dinner.

The Bundle of Nerves. The world can be a scary place, what with vacuums, mail carriers, thunder, and people who leave for unspecified amounts of time. These dogs sometimes let the stress get to them, but it’s only because they care so much!

Elaine Atwell is a golden retriever at heart. She lives in North Carolina, where she spends a lot of time walking through the woods with her Boxer/Plott Hound mix, Okra.

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