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Lazy dog laying on the steps

Dogs struggle with Monday mornings too

It’s no secret, Mondays are the worst. Your bed feels too comfy to leave, your brain is extra foggy, you know there are five workdays before it’s the weekend again. Terrible. And you need the biggest coffee you can find just to feel like a human.

Luckily we are not alone; our dogs hate Monday mornings as much as we do.

For example, Thor the Great Dane puppy can’t function in the morning and has a hilarious tantrum before his morning walk at 3:30am. Yep, 3:30… in the morning… We’d throw a fit too, Thor.

Then there are the Mondays were you finally drag your tired butt out of bed just to lay down on the couch immediately after. Never done that? Uh, me neither… But this yellow lab puppy certainly knows what I’m talking about.

By some miracle you show up to work on time, but you’re not entirely sure how you managed to make it. Your coffee starts to set in, you’re digging through the emails from the weekend, and you want to be productive but you just feel like these pups who are struggling to function.

Overall, the day goes by alright. It starts to feel like it’s almost time to go home and you’re moments away from crawling back into bed. Except you look at the clock and it’s 10:05am. Damn it.

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