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Every Product Our Content Strategist Uses in Her Dog's Morning Routine

The birds are chirping, and that means it's time to start the day. Our content strategist walks us through every product she uses for her dog's morning routine - take a look!

Every Product Our Content Strategist Uses in Her Dog's Morning Routine

The alarm goes off. I can feel the sun hitting my face in slivers as my eyes slowly adjust to the room. Buried in blankets, I quickly close them once more in order to soak up the last few minutes of my slumber. Too late - Greta takes my subtle movements as her cue to begin the day. Before I know it, there's a wet nose in my face and a seventy-pound Pit Bull rolling around next to me, ready for breakfast. If you're a pet parent, this morning routine is probably familiar. And just like any dog, Greta has her favorite products and a strict order in which she uses them. Ready to walk through Greta's typical morning routine together?

Breakfast is served

It's said to be the most important meal of the day, and Greta certainly would agree. In fact, she and I share a love of breakfast foods. We begin with a scoop of dry food and an assortment of important anxiety and allergy pills so she can start her day off on the right paw.

Beneful Originals Dry Food

bags of Purina dog food

Greta is strangely picky, and also has a plethora of allergies (Pitties are particularly prone to them). As much as I'd like to splurge and go gourmet for Greta, there's no bougie food in this house. The only kibble I've found that she will consistently eat is Purina Beneful Originals - Beef flavored, of course. Scoop a spoonful of wet food on top and she's ready to chow down.

Greenies Pill Pockets

Line of pill pockets products for dogs

Horse pills are unpleasant for anyone to swallow - especially a dog who has no idea why they're taking them. Greta is reactive, and her medication routine is paramount to managing her anxiety issues. We have her on a daily dose of Fluoxetine and Clonidine, and then a half dose of Apoquel for allergies. Consider me forever grateful to Greenies for making a tasty product that Greta will devour without inspecting the medication-filled contents within.

Walk the walk

After breakfast, you better believe this Pittie is hitting the pavement. Besides eating, walks are Greta's favorite activity. We cruise down the block in style, but beauty is in both form AND function for this little one. When you have a reactive dog in tow, your walking gear has got to be ready for anything.

Dog-Friendly Fanny Pack

dog friendly fanny pack

Since Greta is reactive, I need to have a hearty portion of treats on hand to quell any incidents that may occur. If you're a city-dweller, you know that rogue dogs and young kids are everywhere. To keep her under control should something arise that triggers her anxiety, I fill a fanny pack with snacks and poop bags. Bonus points for keeping everything hands-free.

Bocce Bakery Treats

Bocce Bakery Treats

Speaking of treats - I'm obsessed with Bocce Bakery's line of dog goodies. Not only does Greta adore every flavor she's tried, but the packaging is absolutely adorable. They even have fun seasonal flavors! The company was founded after the owner's own dog started struggling with his weight. What a coincidence - Greta needs some help in that department as well.

Freedom Harness

pit bull sitting with harness on him

Before purchasing a Freedom No Pull Harness, we gave multiple outfits a spin. Everything from special collars to gentle leaders - nothing worked on my pull-happy pit bull. The Freedom harness gave me so much more control, and it's also insanely comfortable for Greta. Not only did it decrease her anxiety while walking, it lowered mine too! 10/10 would recommend if you have a pup who may or may not be bench pressing while you're not looking.

Poop Bags

pink biodegradable poop bags

Eco-friendly poop bags are the move if you're trying to dispose of waste without harming the earth. Unfortunately, eco-friendly and biodegradable are unregulated terms and depending on how you dispose of your bags, you may be contributing to landfills either way. One great thing about Wild One's Eco-Friendly Poop Bags is that they're made out of plant-based corn starch, not plastics, which should biodegrade within a few months if disposed of properly. These bioplastics are becoming more popular, and the packaging itself is super cute too!

Mental stimulation

Whether you're working from home or heading into the office, providing your pup with something to work on or do during in the morning can give you hours of peaceful work time. It's also good for their mental development and prevents boredom and destructive behavior. I love to give Greta a puzzle before I go into office mode. It keeps her busy and happy!

Problem Solving Puzzle

treat hiding dog puzzle

This particular contraption is designed to engage your pup's mind and active the problem-solving areas of their brain. We have this one specifically, but there are a ton of different iterations that are created for all levels of learners. You simply hide your dog's favorite treats within it, and they have to figure out how to extract them.

Overweight dog tip: I can't lie - Greta is a little hefty. Some would even call her too thicc to quit. So I try to take it easy on the high-calorie treats. I've found that hiding veggies or fruits in her puzzle toy, even those she doesn't normally enjoy, become tasty rewards that she happily gobbles because she had to work for them!

Lick Pads

dog licks peanut butter off lick mat in shower

Calling all destructive or reactive dog owners! I could shout this from the rooftops. If your dog struggles with separation anxiety or stress, get a lick mat. The premise is simple: you smear your pup's favorite wet food or creamy treat (like peanut butter) within the grooves and let them go to work. Not only does the act of licking activate a dog's pleasure-inducing endorphins, but it's also a great way to positively condition your dog to unpleasant situations like nail trims. There are dozens to choose from, and believe me when I say that Greta has no interest in following me out the door to go to work when her lick pad is stuffed full of tasty goodness.

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Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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