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This Gorgeous Missouri Family Home is a City Dog's Dream

Homeowner Sarah McVey take Figo inside her gorgeous Prarie Villiage, KS home that she shares with her family and insta-famous dog, Queso of thelifeofqueso.

This Gorgeous Missouri Family Home is a City Dog's Dream

Moving from a 2 bedroom condo in the city to a spacious home with a yard is every urban dog's fantasy. Just ask Queso and mom Sarah McVey, the pet parent behind popular Instagram account @thelifeofqueso. Their beautiful Prarie Village home is filled with natural light - and you better believe it didn't take very long for Queso to pick out his favorite spots. Follow us inside for our very first Figo Pet-Partment Tour.

Woman sits with dog on porch

Your place

City you're located in: Prairie Village, KS (outside of Kansas City, MO)

Years lived in current home:6 months! Just moved from living in Old Town, Chicago.

How would you describe your decorating style: This is hard to classify! I'll go with "Modern Traditional" because I love mixing new pieces with the traditional styles I grew up with.

Stairwell with console table and lamp

Favorite feature of your space: The large windows and abundance of natural light all over the house.

Biggest challenge: We moved from a 2 bedroom condo in the city to a 5 bedroom house and sold most everything to make the move easier. Even though we've lived here for 6 months, we're being intentional with what we're purchasing and not just buying the entire display room at Crate and Barrel. Although that would be pretty nice if I could do that, ha! 

Must-have piece of décor or furniture:Meaningful art or photos. I love when you walk into someone's home and you get a glimpse into their personality through their art or photos on the wall. I have art passed down from my grandmother that makes me think of her every time I see it!

Large kitchen with natural light

Favorite place to buy décor or furniture: I shop anywhere and everywhere! I will get a lot of ideas from Instagram and source from there. For pieces that are used frequently or in a high-traffic area, I am willing to splurge on. A lot of times I can usually find "dupes" at spots like Nebraska Furniture Mart, AllModern, Article, or Target.

Dog sitting in pantry

What really drew you to your place: The neighborhood! When we moved from Chicago, we still wanted to be close to the city and have walkable options. We are only a 10 min drive into downtown and a 10 min walk to a cute shopping area that has plenty of coffee options, boutiques, and restaurants. The mature trees that line the street were also one of our favorite things about the neighborhood!

Your pet

Name and breed of pet:Queso, Pomeranian. He was a rescue pup and we did a DNA test that came back saying he was 100% Pomeranian, even though he is 20lbs and doesn't really look like one! A lot of people say he looks like an American Eskimo, Spitz, or even Corgi depending on his haircut. 

Dog sitting and waiting on steps of home

Nicknames you have for them: Mr. Cheese, Quesarito, Q Baby.

Where did you buy or adopt from, and is there a story behind it: We had found his profile posted on for adoptable pets through the Almost Home Foundation. He had rashes on his belly, kennel cough, an ear infection, and had been on the run from a flood, but he was still smiling and happy to see us! His name was already Queso at the shelter and we knew it was the perfect fit because we throw a dip party every year and obviously love a good white queso dip.

Dog laying down on steps in home

What is Queso's favorite part of your place: Having a yard! It took Queso a few weeks to get used to having a fenced-in yard and being able to run around freely. He initially didn't want to do his business on his own and would only do it when we were walking him on a leash. There are also so many more kids in the new neighborhood that stop by to play with him daily.

His favorite spot in the house is on the stairs so he can see when the neighbor kids are coming over while simultaneously keeping an eye on the kitchen so he will be able to run over for any dropped food.

Dog laying in covers on bed

Favorite pet accessory or piece of furniture: Anywhere he can nap! But the bed is probably his favorite because he likes to get under the covers and snuggle all through the night.

What does being a pet parent to Queso mean to you: The WORLD! It wasn't easy to break some of his bad habits when he was adopted, but gaining his trust was one of the most rewarding experiences. I am a proud mom watching him be his best self when he is prancing around town and making people smile. 

Dog with paws up on counter looking at camera

Want to see more of cute little Queso and his stylish crib? Check him out on Instagram at @thelifeofqueso.

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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