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Link, rescued by the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Oklahoma

Link: A Great Pyrenees rescue story

Dogs are incredible creatures: They can go through the worst times, but still come out on the other side as a trusting, devoted animal. If you have a dog, you already know how amazing, comforting, and resilient they are. This is especially true for Link, the special needs Great Pyrenees.

Link joined the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Oklahoma (GPRO) in March 2015. He was surrendered after suffering extreme neglect; and at that time, his owner provided little to no information to understand that had happened to Link. However, a vet visit showed his lower back was injured causing him partial paralysis, his left leg was broken in two places, and his right leg was broken beyond repair, requiring amputation. 

GPRO was faced with a difficult decision: Would Link have a quality life after surgery and amputation, or was it more humane to put him to sleep? While many would have given up on Link, the dedicated folks at GPRO knew Link was a survivor.

After amputating the right leg, Link began therapy to gain strength in his lower back and leg. He also learned how to control his bowls and bladder. He spent many hours receiving acupuncture, walking on a water treadmill, and partaking in other forms of physical therapy. 

While he can pull himself around with his front legs, he can get around with the assistance of his wheelchair or a rear harness. His physical challenges never slowed him down! He has friends to play with, has done some traveling, and is enjoying the good life. He also seems to have a fondness for stealing others’ beds!


He has done a lot of growing between his amputation and last wheelchair, requiring an upgrade. His new wheelchair will be customized to his exact measurements, resulting in a less cumbersome, better-fitting chair. 

Many rallied behind Murphy, determined to find him a place to call home. It took some time, but eventually, he found the perfect forever family. He had a horrific start to life; however, he found happiness in life and capture the hearts of countless individuals. Through it all, he reminded us of how strong dogs are, and how much we can learn from our canine companions.

Kelsie McKenzie is the owner and fur-covered girl behind the scenes of It's Dog or Nothing, a resource for ‘all things Pyrenees.’ She currently lives near Seattle with her Air Force husband and two Great Pyrenees, Mauja and Atka. Kelsie is also a content creator, social media manager, and an avid animal lover.

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