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Out of reach: The short dog struggle is real

The struggle is real for short dogs everywhere. Humor blogger, Mark Carrott Odden, gives us a montage of short dog challenges.

Out of reach: The short dog struggle is real

Shrimp. Vertically-challenged. Dwarf. They’ve heard it all; but regardless of all the terms for our favorite pups, who might not be as tall as their peers, we love them dearly. My grandparent’s Lhasa Apso, Muffin, always took at least three attempts to jump on the couch, but she wouldn’t let anyone mess with my grandma.

She was small but mighty.

I think these dogs would agree with that statement, even when facing the challenges of being short.

Sooooooo… close… almost… got it… sigh. Nope. The struggle of this little frenchy is too real. His little stubbly legs just can’t quite reach the only thing that matters—a tennis ball. After that doesn’t work, he does the next best thing and barks at it. Still ineffective. With no other options, he turns to the cameraman: “Halp!” I just don’t have the heart to tell this adorable mushface that jumping on the couch would have rewarded him with his precious prize.

Even bigger dogs can feel short now and then. Just ask Argus (awesome name!) the Vizla, who is losing the battle for a tater tot taunting him from the countertop. You have to commend his effort for the crispy potato treat. He’s living the tot life, I respect that. Way to go Argus!

You know that enraging feeling when you’ve been wanting the last piece of pizza that’s at home in your fridge only to get home and find out that your roommate at it? That’s exactly how this pup feels. He wants that chip so badly, but it’s just out of reach. Then his friend shows up, and we all know that friend. Don’t lose your chip dreams little guy!

What they lack height, the short ones more than make up for in personality and vigor. So watch out!

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