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This Pet-Friendly Duplex in Indy Will Get You in the Spooky Spirit

Eclectic decor with a Gothic edge - it's spooky season all year round for Gina, Kyle and their two pets. Step inside for a special Halloween-inspired edition of Figo's PetPartment tours.

spooky living room in apartment

Eclectic decor with a Gothic edge - it's spooky season all year round for Gina, Kyle and their two pets. Gina is a full-time artist and Kyle does sound design for Audiochuck - a media company that produces some of your favorite true crime and spooky storytelling podcasts (any Crime Junkie fans in the house?)

With careers like that, we'd expect no less than magic from this stunning rental in Indy! After living in Los Angeles for 4 years, the couple relocated in early 2021 and have enjoyed making this space their own. Step inside for a special Halloween-inspired edition of Figo's PetPartment tours.

couple in bed with their dog

Photo credits: Cheyanne Rains

Your place

City you're located in: Indianapolis, Indiana

Years lived in current home: 1.5 years

How would you describe your decorating style: Dark, cozy, and eclectic

spooky living room in apartment
gothic living room at angle

Favorite feature of your space: The living room!

Biggest challenge (either about the space itself or one you encountered while decorating): We’re renters, so the inability to paint the walls to match our style has been the biggest challenge.

gothic coffee nook

Must-have piece of décor/furniture: Our IKEA sofa! We love watching movies and playing video games, so having a stylish yet comfortable couch is essential.

Favorite place to buy décor/furniture: IKEA, thrift stores, and the Halloween section in virtually any store.

eclectic living room corner
gothic decorated bed

What really drew you to your place: The central location within Indianapolis; most places are within no more than 15-20 minutes away. Our daily go-to is the bike trail just across the street. It’s perfect for walking and longboarding with our dog!

spooky artwork
lit up shelving in apartment

Your pets

Name + breed of pets: Our cat Bear is a Domestic Longhair, and our dog Echo, who we recently just found out through Embark is a "Pitsky" (Siberian Husky and Pit Bull mix).

black cat sitting on bed
dog with cool eyes on bed

Nicknames you have for them: Bear is often referred to as, “Beary,” “Bear-Bear,” “Beary-Boo,” and the classic, “Mr. Bear.” Echo may as well be renamed as “Echo Baby,” but can also be known as “Eck” or “Echoplex.”

Where did you buy/adopt from? Is there a story behind it?: We actually found them both through different rescues while living in California, all using Petfinder. We got Bear in Los Angeles and picked Echo up in Bakersfield.

couple on couch with dog

Their favorite part of your place: Bear’s favorite would be the open space, especially the windows in the front. Coming from apartments beforehand, he’s never had this much freedom! Echo’s favorite place (ever) would have to be our bed; she’s a snuggler.

cattle dog sitting in dog bed

Favorite pet accessory or furniture piece: Our favorite accessory for Echo is her harness because we’re able to securely lock her in while we longboard with her. If you’d ask us what our favorite is for our cat, we’d say the very nice cat tower we got him. If you asked him….he’d say the $10 crinkly tube he’s had for years. Or paper bags.

cat tower in corner with plants

What does being a pet parent to your pets mean to you: It means unconditional love on both ends! We can’t imagine life without them. They are truly our best friends!

Want to check out some of Gina's art? You can find her on Instagram @ginajo_art.

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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