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Pet holidays to remember

Mark your calendar! From Walk Your Pet Month to National Cat Day—these pet holidays are worth celebrating with your favorite furry friend.

Pet holidays to remember

Get out your calendar and mark these popular pet holidays to celebrate throughout the year! Whether it’s bringing awareness of the importance of walking your pet, thanking a professional pet sitter, or saving abandoned or abused pets, there is a day to keep in mind!

1. January is Walk Your Pet Month. Make a resolution to get you and your pet healthy by starting a new practice of taking a daily walk together. Whether you have a dog or cat, be sure your pet has proper identification, leash, and well-fitting harness or collar. If they’re new to being outside they may be nervous so be patient. Start by going a short distance until you’re both used to the new routine. If you live where it is cold in the winter, consider getting a coat and boots for your pet as the salt on roads can hurt their paws.

2. February 7-14 Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week. If there is a sound that makes me sad and anxious, it is that of a scared dog barking while chained outside. Thankfully, the folks at [Dogs Deserve Better (DDB) are dedicated to raising awareness of these neglected animals. Dogs left alone outside suffer extreme neglect with matted fur, lack of food and/or water, and bodies infested with fleas and ticks along with other complications of their living conditions. DDB—along with other organizations—are saving these animals and encouraging others to adopt, foster, donate, and volunteer to give these dogs a chance at a better life.

3. First week of March is Professional Pet Sitters Week. Since 1995, Pet Sitters International (PSI) has been celebrating Professional Pet Sitters Week. As a busy dog owner, I know firsthand the peace of mind our pet sitters have provided in taking care of our pets. Whether it is to let the dog out because we’re gone all day or overnight stays, we love having people that understand our dog’s needs. Trusted pet sitters can be found on the Pet Sitters International website and on apps like

4. July is Lost Pet Awareness Month.You love your pet and treat them like part of the family but there may be a time when a pet escapes the safety of your home or vehicle. You (and your pet) are not alone. Each year in the United States more than 10 million pets go missing and only 10% are reunited with their families. To raise awareness, PetHub established July as Lost Pet Awareness Month. To prevent loss, many owners are opting to microchip their pets so that in the event the pet goes missing, they can be located. Rescuers can also have the pet scanned so the owner can be reunited with their pet.

5. September is National Service Dog Month.What started as a fundraiser in 2008 by actor and animal advocate Dick Van Patten has turned into an annual celebration honoring service animals and their extraordinary work. Originally known as National Guide Dog Month, National Service Dog Month includes service and assistance animals of all kinds including guide dogs, emotional support pot-bellied pigs, therapy bunnies, and autism assistance cats.

6. October 29th is National Cat Day. Celebrate the joy, comfort, and love cats show through their lives on this special day. Founded in 2005 by author and animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige, National Cat Day is a day for celebration and awareness. On this day, and throughout the year, cat lovers donate time and money to rescue organizations and dedicate themselves to keeping felines safe.

7. November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. When pet owners are unable to care for a senior cator dog, the animals are often surrendered to rescues or left on the streets. Adopt a Senior Pet Month brings attention to these animals who may or may not have age-related conditions and are already trained, making them a great addition to families who have the time and resources to care for them.

At Figo Pet Insurance, we care about your pets, which is why we’re celebrating these and many more pet holidays! To pet lovers, pet sitters, rescuers, foster families, and service animals of all kinds, we salute you and thank you for making our lives and the lives of our pets better!

Anne McAuley Lopez is a professional blogger and the founder of Blogging Badass. Since 2010, she has worked with clients to create content that tells the story of their business and connects them to their target market. It could be argued that she knows entirely too much about termites, retirement planning, court reporting, Alaskan fishing and mining, and social media—which makes her a great blogger and trivia night partner. When she’s not showing off her mad skillz, Anne can be found spending time with her husband, watching romantic comedies, eating tacos, or walking her dog.

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