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A Pet Parent's Guide to CBD Quality Control

Figo gives you the 420 - I mean, 411 - on all things pet CBD so you can feel confident in what you're giving your pets.

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You've probably heard about CBD for humans, but did you know that it's becoming increasingly popular for pets too?

Just like us, our pets can benefit from natural remedies, and CBD is no exception. And it's not just for dogs; cats, birds, and even horses are benefiting from CBD products.

CBD for pets

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound in the cannabis plant that's become well-known in human health and wellness. Numerous pet owners are utilizing CBD to assist their curious copilots with various issues, such as anxiety and chronic pain.

Unlike THC, another compound in cannabis, CBD lacks psychoactive effects, so it won't make your pet "high." Instead, it may offer therapeutic advantages, making it a desirable choice for pet owners seeking natural solutions.

Types of CBD products for dogs

There's a wide variety of CBD products, from oils and tinctures to treats and capsules. You can even find specialized cannabis strains at your local cannabis store that are designed specifically for pets.

But with so many options, how do you choose the right one? Here is a short list of CBD products for dogs that you can find in the market:

  • CBD oils and tinctures

These liquid extracts are mixed with a carrier oil and can be placed directly in your dog's mouth or added to food. They offer precise dosing and quick absorption.

  • CBD treats

Infused with CBD, these treats are a tasty and convenient way to administer the compound to your dog. They come in various flavors and are often a favorite among pets.

  • CBD capsules

These are pre-measured doses of CBD in handy pill form. They can be hidden in treats or food and are a good option for dogs that need a consistent, controlled dose.

  • CBD topicals

Designed for external use, these creams or balms can be applied to the skin to treat localized pain or skin conditions. They are absorbed through the skin and provide targeted relief.

  • CBD sprays

These are spritzed directly onto your dog's food or into their mouth. They offer an easy and quick way to administer CBD, especially for dogs that might be finicky eaters.

  • Specialized cannabis strains

Some local cannabis dispensaries offer specialized cannabis strains specifically formulated for pets. These strains are grown to offer the therapeutic advantages of CBD without the mind-altering effects of THC.

  • CBD shampoos

Infused with CBD, these shampoos can provide relief for skin irritations and promote a healthy coat. They are used just like regular pet shampoos but with the added benefits of CBD.

Importance of quality control in CBD pet products

It's important to make sure that what you're providing your pet is safe, pure, and effective. Imagine buying something from a local cannabis dispensary, only to find out it's not what it claims to be. That's why understanding the quality control process is vital.

Sourcing high-quality CBD

The first step in ensuring quality is sourcing high-quality CBD. Only buy products made from organic hemp that are free from pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Some companies even provide information about the specific cannabis strains used in their products. Knowing where your CBD comes from is the foundation of quality assurance.

Ensuring proper dosage

Getting the dosage right is crucial when giving CBD to your pets. Too little, and it won't have the desired effect; too much, and it could be harmful.

Most products will have a recommended dosage based on your pet's weight, but consulting with a veterinarian experienced in CBD can provide personalized guidance.

Assessing product safety and purity

You wouldn't want to consume something impure, and neither would your pet. Search for products that have been tested by a third party to guarantee they adhere to safety and purity guidelines.

This testing should verify that the product has the right amount of CBD and doesn't contain any harmful substances.

Testing for contaminants

Contaminants such as heavy metals, molds, and bacteria can sneak into CBD products. That's why testing for these unwanted guests is essential.

Reputable companies will provide Certificates of Analysis (COA) that detail the testing process and results. If you can't find this information, think twice before purchasing.

Certifications and quality seals

Certifications and quality seals are like gold stars for CBD products. They show that the product has met specific quality standards and has been verified by an independent organization.

Look for seals from organizations like the U.S. Hemp Authority or other recognized bodies in the industry.

Packaging and storage considerations

Proper packaging should protect the product from light, air, and moisture, all of which can degrade CBD.

And don't forget about storage! Keep those products in a cool, dark place to maintain their potency. Proper care in handling can prolong the product's shelf life.

Handling customer feedback and complaints

The manner in which a company manages customer feedback and addresses complaints is a significant indicator of its dedication to quality and excellence. This process reflects not only the company's values but also its willingness to engage with customers and respond to their needs.

If you, as a customer, encounter any concerns or issues, it's essential that the company provides a responsive and attentive customer service team to assist you.

This support is not just a courtesy; it's a reflection of the company's commitment to ensuring satisfaction and building trust.

It's not just about purchasing a product; it's about the ongoing relationship and assurance that the company stands behind what they sell.

Don't slack when it comes to quality control

Your pet, being an important part of your family, undoubtedly deserves the best care and products, and so do you as the owner.

By focusing on quality control, sourcing, proper dosage, safety, and customer feedback, you can find the right CBD product for your furry friend. Do your research and due diligence. Remember, your pet's well-being is worth the extra effort.

Jennifer Williams is a PR & Communications specialist. Jennifer is a DIY enthusiast settled in Las Vegas with her 2 dogs. In her free time, you can find her working out in a gym, reading a book, or browsing Reddit’s /aww subreddit for cute pet photos.

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