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Must-Have Pet Products That the Figo Team Can’t Live Without

We asked the Figo team to pick the pet product they absolutely can't live without. Here were their answers.

Must-Have Pet Products-That-the Figo-Team-Cant-Live-Without

"Pet insurance designed by pet people". That's Figo's tagline because it's true! Our team is full of hardworking, dedicated, intelligent people, most of whom are first and foremost animal lovers to their core. And because so many of us share our lives with dogs and cats (and other creatures), we feel we're particularly qualified to share some product recommendations with you all.

We asked the Figo team to pick the pet product they absolutely can't live without. Here were their answers.

1. deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

"This shampoo is a lifesaver for shedding"

-Stephanie K

2. Litter Robot

"I absolutely love my Litter Robot, it makes my life so much easier! And living in a studio apartment, a clean litterbox that doesn’t smell is a must"

-Rachel R

3. INABA Churu Cat Treats

"These Churu treats are really popular among cat owners who are in the know. Cats go absolutely crazy for them. They're great for socializing nervous cats, too"

-Matthew P

4. A waist leash

"I personally like it for jogging with my dog Leo but having your hands free on a walk is game-changing all around."

-Kirsti R

5. A slow feeder and portable crate

"Slow feeders and specifically this portable crate if you travel with your dogs. The slow feeders are great for making sure your dog isn't gulping down all their food at once and makes them use their brain a bit. The Amazon Basics portable crate is super easy to put up and take down, fits even in the trunk of a compact car, and is made of a nice, durable canvas and mesh that won't rip if your dog scratches at it a bit."

-Kayla C

6. Cosequin glucosamine supplements

"Cosequin is a lifesaver and a must-have in my house!"

-Gabbie G

7. Natural Rapport Dog Cologne Spray and ScratchPad for Dogs® Dog Nail File

"The cologne spray is great between baths! I use this spray because my dogs gets stinky and I am lazy, haha. And for the pups who hate their nails trimmed, you can teach them to use a scratch pad instead."

-Lexi P

8. Feliway Calming Diffuser and Zero Odor® Products

"I have 2 cats with behavioral issues and one with stress-induced FLUTD. We have plug-ins in every room. I can tell when it's time to change them because the tension in the house gets a little higher. Also the whole line of Zero Odor products! I have 5 cats and my biggest brag in life is how people say they can't smell any animals in my house. I use the laundry eliminator in every laundry load I do."

-Jade C

9. Car booster seats

"These dog car seats, having my nervous guy comfy and tethered in the backseat has been life-changing!"

-Shelby W

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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