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Popular Stores that Welcome Pets

Our favorite popular stores that are dog friendly and welcome pets.

Popular Stores that Welcome Pets

Pets have long been an integral part of our family, and likely yours too. But bringing your pet along on errands can be challenging. Not all domestic animals can handle the highly stimulating environment of a crowded store, and many stores maintain strict policies that permit only service animals on the premises.

So, which retail chains are pet-friendly? What should you know before taking your pet into a store?

Before You Go

Before we begin our list of pet-friendly retailers, let’s review a few basic variables. First, and most important, is your animal’s temperament. Not every animal is well suited to crowds. Pets that are well socialized, have good house manners and are not easily over-stimulated have a strong chance of being excellent retail guests. 

Be sure your dog is easy to handle, responds to commands, and is wearing basic safety gear (a collar and leash or harness and leash are fine). Smaller breeds may be carried in a sling, carrier, or even a shoulder bag.

Don’t forget to review the pet policies of the stores on your shopping list. Grocery and food stores, for example, have strict no-pet policies (with some exceptions for service dogs). Similarly, many large retailers like Target, Costco, Walmart, and Ikea maintain service-dog only policies.

Pet-Friendly Retailers


Petco has long embraced the idea of allowing dogs on-site with their owners. Provided your pet is leashed and well-behaved, they will be able to stroll the aisles with you as you choose their food, toys, and other gear. Your furry friend will also have the chance to interact with other pooches shopping with their people. Petco even offers pet grooming and obedience training at some locations.


PetSmart is another pet retailer that allows guests to bring their animals inside. Like Petco, they feature grooming salons and pet training classes at some locations. Employees are friendly and engaging, and always interact with our dog when we stop in.


Bringing Spot along while you shop for lumber and tools? No problem - Lowe’s is the stop for you! Their broad aisles, cool concrete floors, and air-conditioned environment make this home retailer a perfect place to bring your pooch.

Home Depot

Not to be outdone, the nation’s largest home supply retailer is also pet-friendly. They even boast a pet aisle where you can stop for a treat or toy to satisfy your canine companion.


This popular store has everything the home crafter needs—from paint and paste to frames and jewelry-making supplies—and they don’t mind if you bring your pup in with you. Plus, they have all the supplies you’ll need to build your own dog bed ([How To Make A Homemade Dog Bed (, should inspiration strike!

Pottery Barn

This furniture and home décor retailer doesn’t mind if Fido tests out the recliner before you buy. Feel free to shop with your pets and pick up some decorating inspo along the way.


This hunting, fishing, outdoors superstore is a great place to bring your pet. Not only do they have everything to make your next camping trip a success, they also carry leashes, harnesses, and outdoor gear for pets. Don’t forget to stop for a canine treat before you leave!


Apple is among the nation’s most progressive companies, allowing owners to bring leashed pets into their retail and computer repair outlets. Might want to grab a quick pup selfie with your new iPhone while you’re waiting – they might just become the next big pet influencer.

TJ Maxx

This clothing and decorative item retailer welcomes pets and even features an extensive pet aisle that includes bedding, toys, and cozy gear for your furry friend!


Starbucks has long welcomed pets; however recently imposed COVID-19 restrictions have limited or eliminated in-store dining at most locations, so check before you go. Outdoor dining is still available, and pups can get their own “puppuccino” on request.

We hope you find this list helpful next time you’re looking to shop without leaving the pup at home. At FIGO, we understand how important your pet’s health and happiness is to you. We also know how quickly a veterinary emergency can unbalance your budget. Check out our broad array of affordable pet health insurance options today!

Cecily Kellogg is a pet lover who definitely has crazy cat lady leanings. Her pets are all shelter rescues, including the dog, who is scared of the cats. She spent eight years working as a Veterinary Technician before becoming a writer. Today she writes all over the web, including here at Figo.

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