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Puppy love: Why puppies slay us with their cuteness

Puppy love: Why puppies slay us with their cuteness

Puppies are debatably the most adorable things on the planet. They’re little, precious fluffballs that we don’t deserve, but it’s hard to deny their cuteness. Their time as pups might be short lived and they will grow up to live wonderful lives as dogs, however it’s hard not to smile when you see them. Below are some of the reasons why puppies are the paragons of cute; scroll at your own risk:

Some contribute to society and help their humans by becoming guide dogs like this good boy.


They’re eager to learn, but sometimes they need an encouraging paw from their Corgi dad.


They just want to say hi and greet you with a happy tongue out.


They turn into the most adorable tongue-out potato gremlins when rinsed under water.


Some have ears for days. Some have short stubbly legs. Some can rock weird outfits. And if you’re this pup, you have all three!


They’re so photogenic they’re basically models.


Some can even take on the form of a liquid like this roly-poly pupper.


They’re cute even when they look like a little old man in a grandpa sweater!


They’re rambunctious energy can’t be quelled; nor can their wrinkles.


For additional cuteness, just add water (and a puppy pool).


They’re all lap dogs, no matter how big they are or what you try to tell them.


They’re even more adorable when they (finally) sleep!

Mark Carrott Odden is a project manager and freelance designer/photographer with an overt obsession with dogs—particularly Great Danes and Newfoundlands. His childhood dog, a rescued border collie mix, shared the same tinge-of-the-ginger hair color as his family, so it was meant to be. His affinity for puns and stringent grammarista tendencies help bring levity to the internet because there is always time to watch one more cat video.

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