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Will Reviews One-of-a-Kind Etsy Finds for Dogs

Join us as we explore the unique, customizable world of Etsy pet products. Whether you see the perfect surprise for your pup or feel inspired for the gifting season ahead, let's find out what made this Chihuahua Terrier mix's cart.

Will Etsy Review Products

When you think of Etsy, personalized decor, custom gift ideas, and handmade jewelry likely come to mind. But have you ever shopped for your pet on the site?

It’s easy to make a habit out of using sites like Amazon for convenient, inexpensive, mass-produced items, but the tradeoff is having fewer unique items and customizable options. I knew there must be some hidden gems out there, so for this review, my dog and I headed over to Etsy.

Meet your reviewer

You may have already met Will in our pet parenting with ADHD story. Will is a 10-year-old Chihuahua Terrier mix who’s been my best buddy for eight years now. He’s a Seattle dog with a ton of energy and an appreciation for comfy places to chill when not parkouring all over my furniture.

We started with leash shopping which then ended up being an Etsy cart of unique finds we came across, and we wanted to share our faves with you.

Will Raincoat

Why we like shopping on Etsy

Shopping on Etsy is great for pet parents seeking one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items for their cats and dogs. The platform is full of personalized pet accessories, artisanal treats, and specialized gear that you won't find in most big-box stores or large online retailers.

Etsy's focus on supporting small businesses and creators means you get high-quality, unique products while contributing to a community passionate about pets and supporting those small businesses.

Unlike shopping on Amazon and similar sites, you can directly communicate with sellers to ask questions. You can also peruse some refreshingly genuine reviews from the community.

Check out our Etsy cart

While there are plenty of adorable bow ties and dog tags, toys, and art pieces on Etsy, we set out to find some items you’ll rarely find on other sites.

Grab your pup and get ready to shop.

My dog is all about comfort. If there’s a new blanket or pillow in the house, he claims it. We began looking for his own special blanket, with the condition that it’s easily washable.

In terms of customization, Will is a bold, sans-serif type of guy (so he says). We went with his full name for maximum effect. Although he’s on the smaller size at 10 pounds, we chose the 30x40 blanket for greater puppy burrito blanket potential.

On our first day with the blanket, he chose to hang out with it over his usual perch on the couch pillows. That was my first sign that he loved it. The blanket has also been a nice comfort object for riding the bus together.

This blanket is very soft, and Will has enjoyed it throughout the shift from late summer to fall, so I expect he’ll get a lot of afternoon naps in with it.

William Blanket

Will knows the sound of a peanut butter jar opening and can probably sense that I’m typing “peanut butter” on my keyboard right now. For this reason, we’re big fans of filling Kongs and freezing them for a fun treat or much-needed distraction, especially in warmer weather.

This simple holder helps keep your freezer organized and avoids the peanut butter mess between filling and storing them in the freezer. If you’ve ever filled these, you know they like to roll around on the counter. We can store his tiny Kongs in the holder, and the next size up kind of works in the designated spots, too.

I’m glad I found these freezer holders to solve a problem I knew I had but didn’t realize there was such a specific solution for. Will, busy with his Kong, is unavailable for comment.

Filling Kongs with Peanut Butter in Holder

At first, I wasn’t sure that the detailed dog tag and face would translate to the final baked product. We made some treats and, wouldn’t you know, it looks perfect. Will and his friends loved their Chihuahua-shaped cookies, and I found the cutter easy to use as someone who doesn’t do a ton of baking.

Make sure to hand wash these if you get your own. The biodegradable materials won’t hold up in the dishwasher.

Will and Chihuahua Cookie

For about seven years, Will walked with a braided rope leash that we loved. Over time, the o-rings came off, and the swivel hook on one end broke.

Have you ever searched for leashes only to find the perfect one except for a small detail? Maybe the color and material are ideal, but they don’t have the right size for your pup. In our quest for an upgrade, I found great options that felt a little expensive or missed one of our key criteria.

Only when I started browsing Etsy did I realize you could order a custom leash. What a concept! Although Will is a little man, we like the materials typically reserved for big dog leashes. I like the carabiner clip with a twisting lock release, though it’s almost comically large in proportion to him.

Ultimately, with the right materials, length, and all-black aesthetic (my preference) in mind, this was the perfect solution.

If your dream leash is green with a yellow clasp cover, traffic handle, and lobster clip, you’re in luck.

Will Leash

If your pup frequents city sidewalks and pavement like Will, you know how rough the surface can be on their little paws. Hot or cold weather can be a struggle, too. That’s why we’re frequent users of paw balm.

This paw balm stood out because it avoids common ingredients often considered toxic to dogs. Some experts advise that ingredients like lavender oil are fine in small quantities, but even small quantities worry me for this little guy. We once tested an option with essential oils, but his reaction was to start licking the tin. This never happened with other “plain” balms, so we’re happy to have found this option.

You’ll find a variety of handmade paw balms on Etsy that fit your needs, including convenient form factors like tins and tubes.

Etsy pro tips

Here are a few tips for finding the best pet products and having a great experience using Etsy, especially for those new to the site.

  • Customization options: Look for sellers who offer customization to get personalized pet gear that suits your pet's unique personality.

  • Read product descriptions carefully: Sellers often include a wealth of information in the listing, from specific materials used to care instructions. If you're uncertain about something, it's likely their customers have also asked in the past, and those answers are now in common areas for reference.

  • Measure properly: Accurate measurements are a must for items like pet clothing, leashes, and collars. Even Kong organizers have size specifications, so it never hurts to double check.

  • Check ingredients: Always review the product description of treats and grooming products to ensure they are safe for your pet.

  • Shipping times: Consider the shipping times and locations, especially for perishable items, to ensure they arrive when you expect them to. Custom items often take more time, and some sellers are shipping from around the world.

  • Read return policies: Always check the return and exchange policies, especially for customized items, to avoid any surprises and disappointments later.

  • Ask questions: Don't hesitate to contact sellers with any questions or special requests; they're often happy to accommodate.

  • Support small businesses: Do you and your pup love your new finds? Give the seller a positive review to support their business and to inform future shoppers.

Dylan M. Austin is Independence Pet Group’s highly caffeinated Sr. Content Writer, supporting Figo Pet Insurance, Pets Plus Us, and PetPartners. Based in Seattle, he's usually hanging out with his Chihuahua Terrier mix, Will, and tending to an increasingly excessive houseplant collection.

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