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Girl and dog sitting in a forest in the fall

Show your dog you’re thankful

As the leaves change colors and we are greeted with cool, crisp air in the morning, we’re reminded it’s that time of year again. The time when we all feel a little cozier, a little more sentimental, and a lot more thankful. We’re thankful for all the good in our lives and the people with whom we share our time.

Show Your Dog You’re Thankful This Fall

Festivities are held to express our appreciation for our family and friends, but we often forget those who admire us the most—our dogs. This holiday season, you can show your dog you are thankful for him in a few different ways:

1. Prepare a special Thanksgiving meal just for your dog. Most of us offer our dogs something special on Thanksgiving, but how often do we create something unique for Fido? Try these homemade turkey and sweet potato meatballs as a healthy addition to your dog’s Thanksgiving dinner.
2. Go for a walk at your dog’s favorite place. This Thanksgiving, skip the regular walk around the neighborhood and get your dog out on an adventure. Perhaps there is a hiking trail or park your dog loves to visit. Your dog will have a great time and appreciate the exercise before the stress and overstimulation of guests arriving.
3. Pamper your dog with a spa day. While not every dog enjoys spa days, they always feel better after a good grooming session. Splurge on a treatment you wouldn’t normally get for your dog, such as the extra-moisturizing conditioning treatment or a soothing paw massage.
4. Participate in your dog’s favorite activity. Does your dog prance when he finds out he’s going swimming, or doggie day care, or even a simple game of fetch? Maybe your dog prefers trick training or carting practice. Treat your dog to some quality time engaging in his favorite thing. Put down your phone, be truly present, and embrace the joy.
5. Bake a special Thanksgiving treat. Those sweet, puppy eyes can be tempting, especially on a special occasion, but table scraps can quickly cause a very upset stomach. Eliminate the urge for you or your guests to give your dog their leftovers by providing a delicious alternative, such as these peanut butter pumpkin treats from Grain Changer.
6. Snuggle in front of the television. What dog doesn’t love a cuddle session with their favorite human? Curl up with your pooch for a day of relaxing and bonding. Be sure to offer extra belly rubs!

The holiday season can be extremely busy, so set aside some time to show your dog how thankful you are for him. The extra tail wags and slobbery kisses are always worth it. How do you show your dog you are thankful for him?

Kelsie McKenzie is the owner and fur-covered girl behind the scenes of It's Dog or Nothing, a resource for ‘all things Pyrenees.’ She currently lives near Seattle with her Air Force husband and two Great Pyrenees, Mauja and Atka. Kelsie is also a content creator, social media manager, and an avid animal lover.

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