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The Art of Practicing Yoga with Your Dog

Discover the benefits of yoga with your dog and explore this unique way to bond with your soulful sidekick

woman doing yoga with her dog in the living room

Welcome to the enchanting world of "Doga", a unique trend that combines yoga's tranquility with our soulful sidekicks' unparalleled companionship. Practicing Yoga with your pet brings an innovative twist to traditional yoga, infusing pure joy, relaxation, and a unique bonding experience into the exercise.

More than man's best friend, dogs have repeatedly proven their loyalty to humans, sticking by our side through thick and thin. Doga leverages this loyalty and love, creating a shared experience that nourishes the body and soul. As we dive deeper into the art of Dog yoga, you'll discover its many benefits and how it can profoundly enhance your relationship with your loyal pup and overall well-being.

The art of "Doga"

Doga is a unique practice that fuses traditional yoga principles with positive dog training techniques, providing a platform for humans to strengthen their bond with their dogs.

The practice embraces the idea that yoga is not just about self-improvement but also about nurturing relationships. It offers a whole new way to show your dog love, providing them with mental stimulation and physical exercise while benefiting you.

Origin and core principles of Doga

This trend was born in the early 2000s, initiated by yoga enthusiasts looking to incorporate their companions into their yoga practice. The core principles of Doga are rooted in yoga philosophy, emphasizing connection, stress relief, and physical activity.

It aims to foster a deeper bond between you and your canine companion, emphasizing mutual respect and love.

The science behind Doga

Scientifically speaking, practicing yoga with your pet offers many benefits for both parties involved. For us humans, yoga has long been recognized to lower stress hormones, heighten body awareness, and boost physical fitness.

Similarly, these benefits extend to our canine companions through Doga. The exercises involved not only promote better digestion and reduce anxiety in dogs, but they also foster overall health.

Moreover, engaging in Doga can help prepare your pet for potentially stressful experiences such as the introduction of a new family member, or a cross-country move. By practicing it, you can establish a routine that provides comfort and familiarity.

The calming techniques utilized in this practice can help your dog manage the anxiety associated with change. Regularly practicing Doga can make something like moving day easier for your dog by instilling a sense of calm and familiarity amidst the chaos. Hence, it becomes a tool for everyday bonding, health benefits, and preparing our pets for major life changes.

Activities involved in Doga

A typical Doga session includes standard yoga poses, meditation, massage, and calming techniques, all modified to suit your dog's comfort and ability. This practice is less about perfecting the pose and more about establishing a loving connection with your dog.

It provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your dog in a fun, non-competitive environment, strengthening your bond while enhancing your physical and mental well-being.

Benefits of practicing Doga

While the bond between humans and dogs is universally recognized, the benefits of channeling this bond through Doga are remarkable. Get ready to embark on a journey that redefines the connection between you and your pet, fostering mutual growth and wellness

Enhanced connection and bonding

One of the most significant benefits of Doga is the enriched connection it fosters between you and your canine companion. Participating in a shared activity strengthens your emotional bond, which is vital for a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship with your pet.

Physical benefits for you and your dog

Just as human yoga offers many physical benefits, so does Doga. For humans, it enhances flexibility, improves balance, and promotes strength.

For dogs, it encourages better posture, aids digestion, and offers a fun way to stay active. Doga exercises are designed to accommodate a dog's physical abilities, offering low-impact exercise suitable for dogs of all ages and fitness levels.

Mental health benefits: stress relief and mindfulness

Doga is not just about physical health but also mental well-being. The practice promotes mindfulness and stress relief. It's an opportunity for humans to pause, breathe, and connect with their pup, reducing stress and promoting mental tranquility. Doga offers dogs a calm, relaxed environment to ease anxiety and promote mental clarity.

Healthier aging

Another often-overlooked benefit of Doga is its role in promoting healthier aging. Regular physical activity, such as the low-impact movements in Doga, can contribute to maintaining mobility and flexibility in aging dogs.

For humans, yoga is known to promote bone health, reduce the risk of heart disease, and support cognitive function as we age. When you practice yoga with your canine companion, you're promoting immediate benefits and investing in a healthier future for you and your pet.

Getting started with Doga: tips and tricks

Embracing the practice of Doga might seem daunting at first, but with a few handy tips and tricks, you'll be ready to embark on this wonderful journey. Here's how to get started:

Creating a safe and calming environment: The first step to successful Doga practice is ensuring a calm and safe environment. Choose a quiet space in your home, free from distractions, and ensure ample room for you and your dog to move.

Introduction to simple Doga poses: Start with simple poses that are easy for you and your dog. These could include poses like "child's pose" or "resting pose." Remember, the goal is not to perfect the pose but to engage with your dog in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Engaging your dog in the practice: Be patient with your pet. It may take time for your dog to get accustomed to this new activity. Use positive reinforcement like treats or praises to encourage participation. Always respect your dog's comfort and never force them into a pose.

Addressing concerns and challenges: It's natural to encounter some hurdles initially. Your dog might not be interested immediately or have difficulty maintaining certain poses. Keep in mind that Doga is about connection and shared experience. Over time, you'll both get better, and these challenges will become part of your unique Doga journey.


In summary, Doga is a unique and fulfilling practice that extends the benefits of yoga to our beloved canine companions. Through Yoga with your canine companion, you can foster a deeper bond. Furthermore, you enhance physical and mental well-being and ultimately embark on a rewarding journey of mutual growth. So why wait? Grab a mat, call your dog, and let the wonderful journey of Doga begin today!

Lizz Caputo is the Manager of Content Strategy at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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