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The Top Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Workplace According to Business Leaders

To help you recognize the benefits of pet-friendly workplaces, we asked business leaders and CEOs this question for their best insights. From improving company culture to allowing employee flexibility, there are several benefits that pet-friendly ...

The Top Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Workplace According to Business Leaders

To help you recognize the benefits of pet-friendly workplaces, we asked business leaders and CEOs this question for their best insights. From improving company culture to allowing employee flexibility, there are several benefits that pet-friendly businesses and their employees see on a daily basis.

Here are eight benefits of creating a pet-friendly workplace:

  • Improves Company Culture

  • Creates More Opportunities for Exercise

  • Boost Productivity

  • Reduces Employee Turnover

  • Helps Boost Employer Brand

  • Creates Happy Employees

  • Improves Mental and Physical Well-being

  • Employees Work With More Flexibility

Improves Company Culture

There’s a reason that dogs are considered a human’s best friend and the many benefits of enjoying the presence of a dog can also transfer over into the workplace. Pets, in general, have a very calming effect on people. But, there’s nothing quite like the unconditional look of love in a dog’s eyes to help you recover from a rough meeting.

And it seems like top-level executives agree. In fact, since the pandemic, 59% say they will be more flexible with dogs coming into work with their owners. Additionally, 42% of these leaders have actually used this “perk” to lure temporarily remote workers back into the office. This certainly says something about the engaging presence that these furry friends can bring to the workplace.

Ryan Rottman, OSDB Sports

Creates More Opportunities for Exercise

A pet-friendly workplace can offer so many exciting opportunities for its employees. Beyond being able to spend some much-needed time with their favorite furry friends, there are a plethora of other reasons why it's a great idea to add pets to your company's office environment.

By now, we are all aware that office workers spend much of their time sitting - whether behind a desk, in front of a computer, or in a conference room. However, with a few pets around, it presents the opportunity to get in a little exercise with them during breaks. Whether you're taking a walk, playing in your office, or whatever else might inspire you and get your body in motion, it's far better than sitting.

Lindsay McCormick, Bite

Boosts Productivity

The main draw of a pet-friendly workplace is that it fosters greater collaboration between employees. People tend to bond over pets - they're great conversation starters, and having a furry friend in the office is a great ice-breaker for colleagues who may have never spoken before. As individuals socialize, get to know each other, and start working together, it starts to have a positive effect on their productivity. This has a direct effect on office morale as people become happier and less stressed. This makes the working environment a far more welcoming place to be, and it all stems from a pet's presence in the office.

Mike Grossman, GoodHire

Reduces Employee Turnover

Bark, a pet products company, conducted a survey and found that more than 70% of dog owners still working from home expect to miss their pet when they return to the workplace. If forced to go back to work and abandon their pets, it's likely some will choose to find a new job that offers a permanent work-from-home situation. The offices that are pet-friendly will reduce turnover rather than forcing employees to choose between the dog or the job.

Logan Mallory, Motivosity

Helps Boost Employer Brand

Many of the top candidates entering the job market look for forward-thinking organizations that provide great benefits. Having a pet-friendly workplace is one benefit that these young, talented employees value. People are more likely to work for organizations that they consider to offer something truly unique and those that they perceive to be forward-thinking, as this indicates that the company isn't grounded in old, frequently obsolete practices. It conveys the message to prospective future employees that your company is a progressive workplace that values work-life balance and employee mental health and well-being.

David Bitton, Doorloop

Creates Happy Employees

A pet-friendly workplace can become key to employee satisfaction. Allowing pets to have access to the workplace is an effective way of keeping the office exciting and engaging. Such an environment can contribute to the happiness of employees, which is definitely beneficial to the company - the happier the employees, the less they will become sick and disgruntled at work, which means money saved by avoiding sick leaves and mediocre job performances. Not only will employees worry less about leaving their pets at home, but they will also get a natural mood-booster from having delightful fur companions in the office.

Kris Lippi, I Sold My House

Improves Mental and Physical Well-being

Pets in the office have been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and anxiety, which goes hand in hand with the stress-relieving effects. This not only provides a slew of emotional and physical health benefits for employees, but it can also assist organizations in maintaining a healthy employee retention rate and operational efficiency with fewer "burnouts" and sick days.

Furthermore, office dogs and cats are entertaining to play with or cuddle with, but they also serve as an excellent motivator to get out of the office for a game of fetch in the park or a brisk walk to get some fresh air.

Sofia Hamberg, Hamster-Home

Employees Work With More Flexibility

When employees can bring their pets to work, they don't have to worry about leaving their pets unattended or getting a sitter to take care of them. Not only does this save on potential costs, but it also gives your employees added peace of mind when they have their pets nearby. This encourages employees to work from the office more often, which leads to higher productivity and better team synergy. All in all, it makes their lives just that little bit easier and keeps everyone feeling happy: a net win for your workplace.

Aaron Gray, NO-BS Marketplace

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