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Dog at Vet getting a check up

Ways to thank your veterinarian

Q: Our veterinarian has always been wonderful with our cats, so we want to give her a gift on Valentine's Day. Chocolate seems wrong since it's toxic to pets. Do you have better suggestions?

A: What a lovely thought! I'm sure your veterinarian will enjoy whatever gift you choose.

Ideas for Expressing Appreciation for your Veterinarian

  • My first suggestions recognize that everyone at the practice has contributed to the positive experiences you've enjoyed. You might thank them with a Valentine's Day delivery of morning coffee and donuts or lunchtime sandwiches, salad and fruit.
  • Write an online review describing what's special about the practice.
  • If you like to sew, choose some fun animal prints and make scrubs or scrub tops in various sizes for your veterinarian and her staff. Find a print with cats that look like yours or choose your vet's favorite dog or cat breed.
  • Notice what your veterinarian enjoys: My clients often mention my animal earrings, and many give more as gifts, which I love.
  • Consider making a donation in your veterinarian's name to a cause important to her. Choose a group she volunteers for, a local shelter or cat rescue, or a national animal welfare organization.
  • Another idea is a gift card to a favorite restaurant so she can enjoy romantic time with her significant other.

Most veterinarians agree, though, that the best gift of all is when clients express their appreciation during a visit and send an occasional card of thanks.

Lee Pickett, V.M.D. practices companion animal medicine. Contact her at

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