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What to Do if Your Dog Gets Injured While Hiking

Accidents happen. When you're out on the trail, even small injuries can turn deadly. Let's explore how to keep your dog safe while on the roam.

two dogs hiking together

Hiking with your soulful sidekick can be an incredibly fun bonding experience, but it's important to remember that accidents can happen. Dogs, like humans, are prone to injuries while hiking, whether it be from rough terrain, wildlife, or even other dogs. Knowing what to do if your dog gets injured while hiking is crucial to their safety and well-being.

First aid kit

One of the best ways to prepare for a hiking trip with your dog is to create or purchase a first aid kit specifically for them. This kit should include items such as an emergency blanket, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, gauze, and a muzzle. In the event that your dog gets injured, you'll have everything you need to provide immediate care.

We love the Adventure Dog Trail Kit - packed full of all the things you need to render aid until you can get to the vet.

We also recommend a BackTrak™ Dog Sling Carrier Evacuation Kit, which allows you to strap your injured dog to your body and carry them in case an injury renders them immobile.

Assess the injury

If your dog gets injured while hiking, the first step is to assess the injury. If the injury is minor, such as a small cut or scrape, you can clean and treat it yourself using the items in your first aid kit

However, if the injury is more severe, such as a broken bone or deep wound, it's important to seek veterinary care as soon as possible. If you're in a remote area and can't get to a vet right away, try to keep your dog as calm and comfortable as possible while you seek help.


Of course, the best way to deal with a hiking injury is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Make sure your dog is in good physical condition before embarking on a hike, and consider their age and breed when planning the distance and difficulty of the hike.

Keep your dog on a leash to prevent them from running off or getting into fights with other dogs or wildlife. And always be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards on the trail.

And don't forget, any accidents that happen may be covered by pet insurance if you have a policy. Even fractures and broken bones can add up to a pricey vet bill that pet parents are unable to afford.


Hiking with your dog is a wonderful way to bond and enjoy the great outdoors, but it's important to be prepared for any accidents that may happen. By carrying a first aid kit and evacuation kit, assessing any injuries, and taking steps to prevent injuries from occurring, you can ensure that your pet stays safe and healthy on your next adventure.

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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