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Why a Newfoundland might be the right dog for you

Although they are giants in the dog world, Newfoundlands are generally fun-loving and intelligent. In this blog, Figo shares facts and tips on adopting a Newfoundland breed.

Why a Newfoundland might be the right dog for you

The Newfoundland, a giant-breed dog weighing in at approximately 100-170 pounds, is currently the 38th most popular dog. Newfoundlands (Newfies) come in four AKC recognized colors: black, brown, gray, and white and black (sometimes referred to as “Landseer”). 

If you ever wanted to add a big, loving, fluffy dog to your family and agree with the following five statements, a Newfoundland just might be the right dog for you:

You love or spend a lot of time around kids.While each dog has his own temperament and personality, in general, Newfies are gentle giants with a fondness for kids. Remember Nana, the fluffy, four-legged babysitter from Peter Pan? There is a reason a Newfoundland was the breed of choice!

You love the water.The Newfie is a working dog and was originally bred to assist fisherman. Their innate swimming skills, muscular build, double coat, and webbed feet make them an ideal water companion. Today, Newfies are frequently trained to be water rescue dogs.

You enjoy grooming dogs.If you find grooming dogs to be therapeutic, a Newfoundland might be the perfect breed for you. Daily brushing sessions can help to relax you and promote bonding with your dog. 

You like a challenge.Newfies are very smart dogs, sometimes too smart for their own good. Jennifer from My Brown Newfies describes her experiences with Newfoundlands, particularly her Newfie, Leroy. “Some refer to them as one of the most intelligent dog breeds there is. Some Newfies may give the impression that they are not, but most are. I struggled for years trying to figure out if Leroy was missing part of his brain. It was hard to tell. I finally figured out that he’s a very smart dog. Almost too smart for his own good and mine because he tricked me into thinking he was not.  For this reason, training is a must.”

You don’t mind a little fur (or slobber or dirt).Between the shedding, drooling, and the ability to track in every object from outside, a spotless home is unlikely. However, if you’re okay with fur tumbleweeds throughout your house and becoming best friends with your vacuum/mop, a Newfie just might be for you!

If you’re interested in adding a Newfoundland to your family, check out this list of rescues to start your search. 

Kelsie McKenzie is the owner and fur-covered girl behind the scenes of It's Dog or Nothing, a resource for ‘all things Pyrenees.’ She currently lives near Seattle with her Air Force husband and two Great Pyrenees, Mauja and Atka. Kelsie is also a content creator, social media manager, and an avid animal lover.

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