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Getting to know the Beagle

Q: My dog, Clyde, enjoys eating wild mushrooms and has never become ill from them. If a mushroom is poisonous, will he know by...

Q: My friend recommends a raw diet for my dog, which I gather is something of a fad, but my veterinarian is against it. What do...

Chaplin And Velma: Cat Rescue Stories | Figo Pet Insurance

Feral cats are a problem in almost every large community, and rescuing them can often pose a challenge. They’re wary of people and quickly learn...

Scarf’d: Mother Cluckin’ Good Chicken And Waffles For Pets

Mother’s Day is for the moms (fur, human, plant—all the moms): It’s a day to...

Roam: Travel To Pet Friendly Atlanta, Georgia | Figo Pet Insurance

Atlanta is iconic for a lot of things—the 1996 Olympics and The Varsity (aka...

Most of us are familiar with the old superstition that black cats are...

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We all care about the health and wellbeing of our pets. That’s why it’s so...

How To Teach Your Puppy To Ride In A Car | Figo Pet Insurance

Riding safely in a car can be a great way, not only for you and your dog to...

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