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What you need to know about arthritis in dogs
Latest pet food trends
Interview with Larry Kay of Positively Woof
Getting to know the Great Dane
Getting to know the Great Dane
Anemia In Cats Has Many Causes | Figo Pet Insurance

Q: My veterinarian diagnosed my cat, Kiki, with anemia, and he is doing more tests. What is anemia and what causes it?


Dog sits on woman's command

We know our dogs understand at least some human speech. They get excited when we say walk or leash, and they respond when we use...

Protect Pets From Super Bowl Syndrome | Figo Pet Insurance

Q: My boyfriend’s buddies are coming over to watch the Super Bowl. I’m afraid they’ll give Brady, our miniature Schnauzer, snack...

Getting To Know The Great Dane | Figo Pet Insurance

Looking for a faithful and loving dog with an easygoing temperament and majestic stature? You may want to consider the Great Dane.

Choosing A Pet-Safe Ice Melt | Figo Pet Insurance

Baby, it’s cold outside! Time to break out the snow shovel and the ice melt...

Focus on dog training in January  | Figo Pet Insurance

Dog trainers know a dog’s life is enriched when training has been a part of...

Getting To Know The Norwegian Forest Cat | perched in a snowy tree

Looking for a larger-breed cat with a regal appearance and an independent...

orange tabby on mat outside in the snow

Q: I have indoor pet cats, but I feel sorry for the feral...

Getting To Know The Yorkshire Terrier | Figo Pet Insurance

If you’re looking for an enthusiastic and affectionate dog but don’t have...

Dalmatian sitting on chair eyeing something on dining room table

Q: We found our dog lying unconscious next to my bottle of...

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