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Figo vs. Trupanion

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In searching for the best pet insurance plans, pet parents should pay close attention to the following differences when comparing Figo to Trupanion’s pet medical coverage.

Figo Pet Insurance vs. Trupanion

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Insurance Plan Coverages Figo Pet InsuranceTrupanion
Unlimited Lifetime Benefit PlanIncludedIncluded
Three Flexible Plans for Illness & InjuryIncludedNot included or some inclusions
One Annual DeductibleIncludedNot included or some inclusions
100% Reimbursement CoverageIncludedNot included or some inclusions
Exam Fee for Illness & Injury (optional)IncludedNot included or some inclusions
Copay & Deductible Waived for Life-Saving TreatmentIncludedNot included or some inclusions
No Per Incident Cap on ClaimsIncludedIncluded
Holistic: Acupuncture & ChiropracticIncludedNot included or some inclusions
No Upper Age Limits on PetsIncludedNot included or some inclusions
Lost Pet CoverageIncludedIncluded
Hip Dysplasia Without RestrictionsIncludedIncluded
Chronic Conditions Without RestrictionsIncludedIncluded
Hereditary Conditions Without RestrictionsIncludedIncluded
Mobility Devices Without CapIncludedIncluded
Ability to Waive Waiting Period for Healthy KneesIncludedIncluded
No Extended Waiting Period for Hip DysplasiaIncludedIncluded
14 Days or Better Waiting Period for All IllnessesIncludedNot included or some inclusions
Pre-Existing ConditionsNot included or some inclusionsNot included or some inclusions
Add Pets via Online Account PortalIncludedIncluded
View Policy Records OnlineIncludedIncluded
Full Mobile App for iOS & Android (Not Just Claims)IncludedNot included or some inclusions
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not included or some inclusions

Compare Figo to Trupanion:

  • Three Flexible Plans for Illness and Injury. Figo offers three pet insurance plans—with customizable reimbursement rates and deductibles—to best fit your pet’s healthcare needs and your budget. Trupanion only offers one plan with a pre-selected reimbursement rate.
  • One Annual Deductible. Figo plans have one annual deductible, and once you have met your chosen annual deductible, you no longer pay a deductible for the remainder of your annual policy period. With our different deductible options--$50, $100, $200 and $500—you can tailor your policy to fit your budget. Trupanion offers per condition deductibles—so while you may have met your deductible for a knee injury, a separate illness (like cancer) would be subject to a new deductible.  
  • Examination Fee for Illness and Injury. Figo may cover the exam fees related to a covered injury or illness. Other pet insurance companies, like Trupanion, will not reimburse you the veterinary exam fee, even if the fee is associated with an unexpected illness or injury.

If you have questions regarding our pet insurance plans and coverages, visit the Figo FAQ page, or contact our customer service team.