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How do I file a claim?

Electronic/Paperless Claims Submission

1. Log into your Figo Pet Cloud from any device.
2. Select the “Claims” icon and answer the online questions.
3. Upload/attach a copy of your paid invoice and submit your claim.
4. Have your veterinarian send us your pet’s medical records.
5. You’re done!
Phone/Fax Claims Submission

You can also call Customer Experience at (844) 738-3446 and they can assist you with your claim.
If you love paper, you can always download the claims form and send it to us via email at For those of you who love paper and faxes we have that covered too. You can fax the form to (773) 966-0769.

Documents Required

  • List of All Vets Seen
  • Medical Records
  • Paid Invoice

Medical Records: In order to process your (initial) claim, we need a confirmed list of all vets seen (including emergency and specialty hospitals) either since adoption or within 2 years prior to policy inception. You can email this list to

For an even speedier turnaround, please include the last 2 years of medical records (prior to policy inception) including notes and DOB/adoption date. Your veterinarian can fax the records to (773) 796-4907 or email them to Your veterinarian can also email the records to your Figo Pet Cloud directly using your Personal Pet Cloud Email Address. The email address is located at the top of the page after you log into your account on desktop or mobile.

If you are unsure what medical records to send, click here for more information.

Claims Reimbursement
After your completed claims form, along with all necessary invoices and medical records are submitted, we will work diligently to expedite your claim. ​We will process your claim within 30 days of our receipt of all required information, but our goal is 7-10 business days. Note: Some claims can take longer to process if required documentation is not submitted in a timely fashion. 

Last updated: Feb 1, 2022 / 3: 05pm CST