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What medical records are needed from my veterinarian?

Medical records are detailed notes that your veterinarian logs after each time your pet goes in for a visit (also known as SOAP notes, which stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan). Medical records include the findings or results from a veterinary visit, including lab results, x-rays etc. In some cases, this is not something that your vet will provide to you up front and you will need to request.

To process any claim, we will need the last two years of medical records including notes from all veterinarians your pet has visited. If your pet is less than two years old, or if they have not been a part of your family for at least two years, we will need all available records.

If your pet was adopted, we will also need any medical records provided to you by the shelter or rescue organization including the date of adoption, as well as the adoption certificate if available.

Submitting Medical Records

Your veterinarian can email the records to your Figo Pet Cloud directly using your Personal Pet Cloud Email Address. The email address is located at the top of the page after you log into your account on desktop or mobile.

Other Ways to Submit Medical Records

If you have not yet filed the claim: Your veterinarian can submit medical records to us via email at or via fax at (773)966-0769.

If you have submitted the claim: Your veterinarian submit medical records to us via email at or via fax at (773) 796-4907.

Last updated: Apr 21, 2020 / 2: 50pm CDT