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Figo’s 2024 Survey Unveils Pet Parenting Habits Across Generations

From Boomers to Zoomers

The Generational Evolution of Pet Parenthood

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The Scoop

Discover the surprising trends shaping the future of pet care in our exclusive report. From Boomers who pamper their pets with traditional love to Gen Z's hands-on approach, the world of pet parenting evolves with each new generation. But how does this impact the dogs and cats we share our lives with?

Figo dives into generational pet parenting philosophies with research conducted by Morning Consult. This eye-opening survey uncovers the shifting dynamics of pet care, lifestyle choices, and the profound bond between humans and their soulful sidekicks.

What's Inside?

This is just the appetizer. The full course awaits in our comprehensive report, packed with juicy details and actionable insights.

  • Furry Frequent Fliers

    Pet-friendly travel is rising, with 58% of pet moms and dads including their copilots on trips. Younger pet parents are particularly determined not to leave their buddies behind.

    person walking with dog in bag
  • Home is Where the Paws Are

    Deciding on a den isn't just about the number of bedrooms anymore. For 60% of pet parents, their pet is a key factor when hunting for a home.

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  • Gotcha Day

    Gen Zer’s celebrate their pet's birthdays with gusto—75% of them, to be exact—compared to 59% from other generations. Cake, anyone?

    Illustration of a person playing with a cat with toy
  • Eco-Eats and Treats

    Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for Gen Z pet parents; a third of them are whipping up home-cooked meals or snacks, mindful of the paw print they leave on the planet.

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