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Pet Insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company.


First bark to full grown: Figo’s there for every step

Give Pet Parents a Head Start With Superior Coverage

Welcome to a new standard in pet protection. As breeders, your influence extends beyond the litters you raise; it shapes the future of each pet in their new homes. By recommending Figo, you’re not just passing on a puppy or kitten—you're ensuring a lifetime of protection.

Empowering breeders

Breeders like you can be advocates of exceptional care, and Figo can help arm you with robust insurance options and tools to educate new pet parents about the importance of lifelong coverage. Our approach is backed by pet parents like us and the heartfelt testimonials of families whose lives have been improved by our commitment to care.

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Unmatched benefits that set every pet up for success

Figo isn't about just checking boxes; we’re advocating for higher standards in pet care. We help challenge the status quo with features that help ensure that every puppy or kitten starts their new life with the best possible protection.

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    Lightning Fast Claims Less waiting, $$ quicker than ever. On average, most claims close in just 2.6 working days*.

  • Care Figo Wellness

    Figo Wellness Powerup Stay on top of yearly exams & more with our optional preventative coverage add-on for a small additional cost.

  • Care Personalized Pet Tag

    Personalized Pet Tag Synced to your Pet Cloud. Helps reunite you and your pet if they go missing.

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    Live Vet Free 24/7 access to a licensed veterinary professional. Here for you during emergencies, no matter when they happen.

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    Up to 100% Reimbursement: No copay, no problem! Figo lets pet parents choose the reimbursement amount that fits their lifestyle and budget.

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    Vet Exam Fees for Accident & Illness Powerup: Optional coverage** for exam fees associated with the diagnosis and treatment of pets, beyond preventative care.

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*Figo claims data, 2024, **For an additional fee

Why choose Figo over Trupanion?

Empowerment, Flexibility, and Customizable Care

Customize your policy, your way

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  • Figo: Freedom to tailor coverage from the onset. Adjust policy coverage and deductible to fit unique needs without constraints.

  • Trupanion: Temporary coverage unless pet parent elects to continue beyond 30 days. False sense of security for breeder as buyer is not obligated to continue coverage on puppy

Continuous coverage guarantee

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  • Figo: Consistent protection is our promise. Continue coverage beyond 30 days without disruption, ensuring a new pet's health is never compromised.

  • Trupanion: Must purchase temporary coverage separately and activate it within a narrow 24-hour window after bringing a pet home.

Inclusive preventative care

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  • Figo: We believe in prevention. Our optional Wellness Powerup helps provide coverage for vaccines and other routine care for a small fee, promoting long-term health and well-being.

  • Trupanion: Preventative care is off the table, placing all routine care responsibilities back on the pet parent without support.

Immediate coverage after policy start

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  • Figo: Pet parents can set up a customized policy 7 days in advance, ensuring coverage from the moment of pickup. From day one, we prioritize each pet’s best interest.

  • Trupanion: Pet parents must activate their 30-day policy from the time they match with their pet to within 24 hours after bringing them home. Failing to do so leaves gaps in coverage beyond breeder control.

Know what you pay monthly

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  • Figo: Transparency in premiums. Pet parents know their monthly rate from the start and can budget without surprises.

  • Trupanion: The 30-day plan automatically expires without any option for extension or modification, leading to potential coverage gaps.

Flexible returns with no risk

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  • Figo: Not just insurance, but a commitment. If no claims have been made, our policies are flexible to change or cancel, prioritizing flexibility and pet health.

  • Trupanion: The 30-day plan automatically expires without any option for extension or modification, leading to potential coverage gaps.

Help guide pet parents to a smart start

As a trusted resource, you can help pet parents understand that protecting their dog’s future is about more than just the unexpected—it’s about laying a solid foundation of care that evolves right alongside their pup. Here’s how advocating for early insurance can help make a big difference:

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    Pre-existing Conditions

    Getting insured early can help pet parents avoid the pitfalls of pre-existing conditions and help cover them through the chaos of puppyhood.

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    Spay/Neuter Coverage

    With our optional wellness add-on**, they can get cash back for spay/neuter procedures, making it easier to keep their pup pack in check.

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    Early Vaccines

    Vaccines are a puppy’s first line of defense. Our optional wellness add-on** ensures their little ones can flip, fetch, and frolic without fear.

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**For an additional fee

Together, let's reshape expectations and help elevate the well-being of pets everywhere.

Join us in making a profound impact on pet parents from the very first day a new pet arrives in their forever home.

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  • german-shepard-puppy-testimonial

    I am so happy I have Figo. I would not be able to afford medical for my pet by myself. I appreciate the kind attention Figo takes in processing claims. Thank you!

    Mary U.,
    Pet Parent to Laura

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    The whole process from starting a few months ago to now was so easy and fast. It made having a sick puppy just a little less stressful. Thanks!

    Charlie K.,
    Pet Parent to Remy

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    I love the convenience of the Figo app. I was able to submit this claim in less than two minutes! Also, reimbursement is quick as well. My claim was processed in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend Figo!

    Ted H.,
    Pet Parent to Eliot

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We have answers!

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What specific benefits does Figo offer for breeders?
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Figo provides tailored insurance options for breeders, including coverage for puppies at pick-up, coverage for congenial and hereditary, breed-specific conditions, and Powerups that reach the next level of pet protection. This comprehensive approach ensures breeders can offer the best start for every litter.

Can Figo's insurance cover all breeds and types of pets?
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Figo offers coverage for dogs and cats, no matter the breed. We understand the diverse needs of breeders and aim to provide insurance solutions that cater to all, including rare and exotic breeds.

What is the process for a breeder to start offering Figo insurance to their buyers?
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Breeders can easily start offering Figo insurance via our partnership with Good Dog. We provide all necessary materials and support to help breeders inform their buyers about the benefits of enrolling their new pets in Figo insurance from day one.

How quickly are claims processed, and what support is available for breeders?
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Figo prides itself on lightning-fast claims processing, with most claims closed in less than 2.6 working days. Additionally, breeders and their buyers have access to 24/7 support from licensed veterinary professionals, ensuring assistance is always available when needed.

How does coverage for breeding dogs differ from coverage for typical pets?
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If you're looking to get coverage on your own breeding dogs, here's what you should know:

Timing is crucial: Figo does not cover regular breeding-related expenses. However, we may offer coverage for complications from breeding, pregnancy, or whelping only if breeding occurs on or after the 15th day of your policy’s start. Remember, no coverage for breeding activities within the first 14 days!

Figo does not cover:

  • Cosmetic Procedures: Tail docking or ear cropping? Not in our books.

  • Genetic Testing and Breeding Suitability: Tests like Penn HIP or OFA evaluations? Those are out of pocket.

  • Routine Breeding Costs: Regular breeding-related expenses? Those are on you.

  • Advanced Treatments: Cell-replacement therapies are generally excluded unless approved by our medical director.

Beyond Breeding: Apart from breeding specifics, your dog is covered for other accidents and illnesses, ensuring they’re protected across the board—just make sure you’re past any waiting periods!

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