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Pet Insurance policies are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company.

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It’s not really our style to compare ourselves to others, but it's important to be an informed pet parent when choosing the best coverage for your pet. Here’s what you need to know to compare pet health insurance options.

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    Coverage for Curable Pre-ex

    We may cover pre-existing conditions considered curable if they show no signs or symptoms within 12 months of last treatment.

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    Lightning Fast Claims

    Less waiting, $$ quicker than ever. On average, most claims close in just 2.6 working days.

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    Live Vet

    Free 24/7 access to a licensed veterinary professional. Here for you during emergencies, no matter when they happen.

Explore our plans and coverages
Insurance plan coverages
Three Flexible Plans for Illness & Injury
Unlimited Lifetime Benefit Plan
Wellness Plan
One Annual Deductible
100% Reimbursement Option
No Per Incident Cap on Claims
Illness Waiting Period 14 Days or Better
No Upper Age Limits
Chronic Conditions
Congenital & Hereditary Conditions (included)
Hip Dysplasia (without additional caps or age limits)
Advanced Cancer Treatments
Chiropractic & Acupuncture (included)
Prescription Medications (included, without additional cap)
Mobility Devices
Diagnostic Services
Examination & Consultation Fees (optional)
Rehabilitation (optional, without additional cap)
Curable Pre-Existing Conditions
File Claim from Mobile App
Real-time Claim Status with Push Notifications
Claim Close Time (within 2-3 business days)
AI Claims Assistant
Online Pet Cloud Account (and Mobile App)
Pet Profile with Pet Tag ID
24/7 Live Vet Chat (included for customers)
Store Pet Records Online
Reminders with Push Notification
Socially Connect with Other Pet Parents
Explore, Pet Friendly Location Finder
Customer Service via Facebook Messenger
Customer Service via Text Messaging
Customer Service via Live Online Chat
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What To Look For
When You Compare
Pet Insurance Plans

Pet insurance companies may seem similar, but the differences can be significant when it matters most. In addition to pet insurance comparison reviews and ratings, here are some key policy differences to help you find the best pet insurance for your pet.

  • Coverage

    Look closely at covered medical expenses, and more importantly, expenses not covered when you compare pet insurance companies. All pet healthcare coverage details are provided upfront via the FAQs page, sample policies, or you can call, text, chat, email, or tweet our customer service team.

  • Annual deductible vs. per condition deductible

    With our plans, once you have met your chosen annual deductible, you no longer pay a deductible for the remainder of your annual policy period. In contrast, a per condition deductible assigns deductibles per incident or condition—meaning cancer treatment may be subjected to a separate deductible than an ear infection. It is important to note that an annual deductible typically reimburses you more than per incident or per condition deductible.

  • Reimbursement

    When you compare pet insurance online, it’s important to note the reimbursements. That’s because not all companies pay on the actual veterinary bill, and some don’t cover the examination fees. All Figo pet insurance plans have the option of covering examination fees related to covered injuries and illnesses, and all plans offer a waiver for the co-pay and deductible associated with life-saving treatment.

  • Claims Limits

    Some companies apply claim limits per incident, per year, or over the pet’s lifetime. Figo does not limit the number of claims you can submit, nor will we raise your rates due to plan usage.

  • Benefits Schedule vs. Annual Plan Cap

    Plans that adhere to a benefits schedule will limit the total amount of money that will be paid out per condition. Figo’s Essential and Preferred plans offer one annual plan cap, and the Ultimate Plan offers unlimited benefits.

  • Pre-existing Conditions

    As you compare pet insurance providers, pay attention to how they approach pre-existing conditions, as most providers do not cover them. Our definition of a pre-existing condition is any injury or illness whose symptoms were showing before the start of your pet’s policy, or during a relevant waiting period. A condition is considered pre-existing based on when its symptoms first displayed—regardless of whether or not it has been officially diagnosed or treated. At Figo, we may cover pre-existing conditions considered curable if they show no signs or symptoms within 12 months of last treatment.

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