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7 things pet parents can do with the Figo Pet Cloud

The Figo Pet Cloud gives pet parents the tools to manage their pet’s life all in one place—from finding pet friendly businesses to storing important pet medical records. It's never been easier to keep your pet's life in the cloud.

7 things pet parents can do with the Figo Pet Cloud

As a doting pet parent, you’re concerned about your pet’s quality of life—finding the right veterinarian, keeping up with vaccines, pet-friendly places to visit, the location of the nearest emergency clinic, and countless other issues. And as your pet grows, so do your concerns. How will I find him if he gets lost? What happens if I cannot pay for her medical treatment? How do I access his medical records in case of an emergency?

Figo Pet Insurance designed the first-of-its-kind Pet Cloud to give pet parents the tools needed to manage their pet’s life in one easy-to-use app. From a desktop or mobile device, pet health insurance customers can access vital veterinary records, find nearby emergency hospitals, store vaccine certifications, file pet insurance claims, and more!

Features of the Figo Pet Cloud mobile app


Here are 7 things pet parents can do with the Figo Pet Cloud:

1. Receive and access important pet records.

With the Inbox & Docs feature, pet records, photos and other files are available in one place. In addition to uploading files, a unique email is provided ( that can be used to send and receive pet records and files via your Pet Cloud. You can add and arrange folders, and the Pet Cloud accepts a number of file extensions—pdf, doc, jpg, etc. Being able to access vaccination certifications and medical records is no longer a hassle—especially while traveling with your pet or during an emergency.

2. Reunite with a lost pet.

In case your pet strays, the Pet Cloud that can help you reunite with your pet faster. All Figo customers receive a Figo Pet Tag, which displays a unique ID. If your pet is found, the unique ID can be entered on the website, and the finder can send a group text to you and your family alerting you to your pet’s whereabouts. Additionally, for Gibi Pet GPS customers, you can track your pet’s whereabouts within the Pet Cloud.

3. Be reminded of important appointments and vaccines.

Shots & Reminders will let you know when the important stuff is due. It allows you to set up reminders for your pet’s vaccinations and vet appointments. The latest Pet Cloud release gives you the ability to create custom reminders (ex. grooming appointments, doggy play dates, etc.). Plus, you have the option of being notified 1, 3 and 14 days in advance by text or email.

4. Snap a photo to file a paperless claim.

Filing your pet’s insurance claims is as easy as snapping a photo: Upload a photo of the veterinarian bill, tell us what happened and submit. View all open and closed claims, and related documents in the Pet Cloud.

5. Get reimbursed for your claims via direct deposit.

Choose to be reimbursed electronically for a specific claim or as the primary payment method for all claims via your Pet Cloud account profile. You no longer have to wait for a paper check in the mail—directly deposit your claim reimbursement into your bank account.

6. Find veterinarians, parks and all places ‘pet friendly’ near you.

No matter where your roam, the world is your pet’s playground. The Near Me feature helps you find pet-friendly parks, restaurants and other locations near your determined location. And in an emergency, you can find nearby veterinarians and animal hospitals quickly.

7. Save your microchip information on your pet’s profile.

You no longer have to store your pet’s identification data in a separate place. Keep important microchip login details in the Pet Cloud, and quickly navigate to the microchip company’s login page any time.

Future Pet Cloud features

New features are always being added to the Figo Pet Cloud. The next version of the Pet Cloud app will offer:

  • Connect—Pets bring us together. With the _Connect_feature, the pet world becomes more intimate. Meet other pet owners around the country or on the next block. You can sort by location or by breed—then connect, follow, chat, or plan a play date.

  • Explore—With the new Explore feature, the world is your oyster! Find pet friendly restaurants, groomers, parks, and much more. Rate them and find what is trending near you. From this point on, you and your pet will always be in the know!

With Figo Pet Insurance, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you can afford the best possible medical care for your pet. We offer three customizable plans that cover illness and injuries to dogs and cats, with access to licensed veterinarians, emergency hospitals, and specialists anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Get a quote today, and protect your pet tomorrow.

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