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cat on table while owner plants houseplant

Getting Your Pet Ready for Spring

Spring is in the air! Some of us are rolling up our sleeves for spring cleaning. I'm busy snipping pungent spring blooms. And most of us pet parents are ripping our own hair out over a super-shedding pet. Whatever you and your pet's spring plans are, read this go-to guide for a pet-friendly start to the spring season.

1. Spring Cleaning

There’s (almost) no better way to welcome spring than with a deep house-cleaning. If you share your house with one pet or more, the season for extinguishing doggo smells or cat-hair tumbleweeds can’t come soon enough. But, before tackling your once-a-year tasks, consider if your common cleaning agents could be toxic to your cat or dog. This year, skip the harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia and reach for one of these pet-safe alternatives.

2. Fleas, Ticks, and Other Pesky Parasites

You’d be right if you guessed that the best prevention for common parasites like fleas, ticks, and heartworms is year-round prevention. But, prevention is even more important in the spring and summer months when the havoc-causing bugs and worms are emerging from their winter slumber. Remember, just because your happy house cat doesn’t step a paw outside, doesn’t mean the parasites can’t make their way in

3. Spring Shedding

Spring is the season for shedding, says Daniel Lioyryan, Ph.D., cat groomer and co-owner of Cats in the City. “The coats of many cats, especially longhaired indoor cats, really need to be brushed all year round because indoor cats shed all year round.  Still, there are two periods of peak shed, in the spring and fall,” he says. Dogs follow this same schedule, so consider doubling up on routine brushing or schedule an appointment with your local pet groomer.

4. Seasonal Allergies

Allergies aren’t fun for anyone, our cats and dogs included. Like us, our pets can suffer from seasonal allergies brought on by pollen, dust, and grass. Seasonal allergies in cats and dogs can look a lot like a human’s allergic reaction:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy, red eyes
  • Coughing
  • Running nose

Regular household cleaning and routine grooming could be enough to provide relief. But if seasonal allergies persist, talk to your vet about over-the-counter or prescription medicines for your pet’s allergies. And, good news: if allergies aren’t a pre-existing condition, treatment is covered by your Figo pet insurance plan.

5. Spring Blooms

It’s hard to resist spring’s bright, fragrant flowers—say your curious pets. Before decorating your home with spring blooms, check ASPCA’s list of toxic spring flowers. All experts agree that anything in the lily family is a no-go. Some of our favorite pet-safe blooms include daisies, lilacs, sunflowers, and roses.

Pet Poison Control. If you suspect your pet may have ingested a spring toxin or something else, contact the Animal Poison Control Center immediately at (888) 426-4435. There’s a fee, but the center can provide valuable life-saving info if you can’t immediately get to the vet. Existing Figo customers have real-time access to veterinary professionals 24/7 via Live Vet in the Pet Cloud app.

If you don’t already have pet insurance, we recommend adding signing up at the top of your spring to-do list. At Figo, we understand how important your pet’s health is to you. That’s why we offer a range of insurance plans to help you manage the expenses of veterinary care if your pet becomes ill or injured. Get a quote today, and let us help you craft a pet insurance policy that fits your needs—and your budget!

Janelle is a cat mum to two resident adventure kitties, Lyra and Atlas, and numerous cat and kitten fosters. Janelle and her furry family enjoy filling their days with hiking, kayaking, and seeking out the best cat-friendly destinations around the Pacific Northwest. You can follow Janelle, her adventure kitties, and adoptable fosters at @paws_pdx.

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