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How to Manage Caring for Your Dog and Full-Time Work

Whether from home or an office, many people have full-time work schedules. Full-time moms or dads have full-time work schedules. Demands of life keep us juggling the contents of our to-do list, and it can be challenging to provide the attention needs of our sweet furry babies. Fear not, a balance exists, as do many ways to not only keep your pup well taken care of, but loved and pampered.  

Prep Well 

  • Preparation is everything when it comes to setting your dog up emotionally and physically for being home alone all day. Try to wake up in the morning and take them for a walk, which has its day boosting and productivity benefits for pet parents as well. Exercise will help wring out anxieties that they may experience when alone.  

  • Puppy proof the house, in case they decide to take out their loneliness frustrations in a destructive way. In general, keep hazardous cleaning products and other dangerous substances on high shelves. Set up gates to restrict areas with easily destroyed furniture or flooring.  

  • Plan a feeding schedule around potty needs. Feeding before a morning walk could help pups eliminate completely before you set off for hours. 

Find a Sitter or Daycare 

  • Sometimes leaving dogs home alone isn’t an option. Perhaps they are on medication or just a puppy who needs frequent potty breaks. Figo has helpful information to assist parents in picking the best option. Both have benefits. 

  • Pet sitters may provide more comfort since pets can stay in their environment. Check out this blog on picking the very best sitter. 

(Tip: Family and friends make the best sitters, and might could set up a deal where you watch their animals so they can get away for the weekend.) 

Get Techy 

  • Utilize technology to keep your pet safe while away. Wyze’s Pan Pet Cam rotates and even has night vision so pups can be monitored all day long via being connected directly to your phone. What’s even cooler, parents can talk through the device to send comforting messages. 

  • A good alarm system will protect your dog from fire, carbon monoxide, or sketchy individuals. Most companies provide advanced smoke alarms that detect heat, therefore reporting fire several minutes earlier to a local fire department. Since systems work in tandem with local authorities, pets will be rescued even if no one is home to call 911.  

Entertain Them 

  • Figo has great resources for keeping dogs entertained while home alone. So first and foremost, check that out. 

  • Having another dog around will do wonders. Be sure to gradually introduce new furry family members, so that the two can develop a healthy relationship. But once they have bonded, that buddy will be all the security they need for the day.  

  • Two dogs too much? Consider interactive toys that will provide a lengthy amount of entertainment. Puzzles and treat Kong products can all be ways your dog can tire himself out.  

(Tip: Always observe your pet with any new toys before leaving them unsupervised. Some toys shouldn’t be used without supervision, such as ones with easily detachable choking hazards or squeakers.) 

  • Leaving the television or some type of sound device on can ease the loneliness. 

Take Them with You 

  • While this certainly won’t help in overcoming separation anxiety, it still could be a viable solution that prevents multiple hours of isolation. Talk with your company about the policy of bringing pets. For some companies, it's going to be a hard no. But with therapy dogs becoming more common and cities more often considering pets as family members, it's possible a well-behaved dog could join you at work. 

  • With all that is happening in the world today, more jobs are converting to “work-from-home” status. If you aren’t already based at home, just ask. It couldn’t hurt. But remember, there are still challenges, like a pup that is constantly whimpering for your attention. Not that we would complain, but getting work done could be harder. Set those boundaries! 

Either way, it is possible to have peace of mind and one happy furball while maintaining a full-time work schedule. Dogs make life better, so it’s going to be so worth it.

Karyn Wofford is a “Mom” to her fluffy, sweet dog Halli. She spends much of her time traveling and advocating for Type 1 diabetes—and Halli sometimes accompanies her on her adventures. You’ll find Karyn’s work on sites like Mother Earth Living, and in magazines such as Diabetes Forecast.

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