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How to Save Money and Travel Cheaply With Pets

The end of pandemic lockdowns have unleashed a pent-up demand for travel. And herein lies the predicament. Airfare is up over 60% since 2021, and hotel rates aren't too far behind either. How do we get away without breaking the bank?

How to Save Money and Travel Cheaply With Pets

If you've been living on planet Earth for the past year, we don't need to tell you that prices have been rising across the board. Whether you're feeling the strain in the supermarket or watching the digits climb at the gas pump, globally, many have been struggling with costs.

At the same time, the end of pandemic lockdowns have unleashed a pent-up demand for travel. And herein lies the predicament. Airfare is up over 60% since 2021, and hotel rates aren't too far behind either. How do we get away without breaking the bank?

Travel with pets

It might go without saying, but if you're a pet parent looking to travel, you're likely going to save money bringing your pets along. In fact, according to a recent survey, 39% of Millennials 39% said pet-friendly accommodations are a "must-have" when they hit the road.

If you're strategic with your method of transportation, the places you stay, and the locations you choose, you can certainly make the trek frugally. Let's look at some top tips and tricks to make your next pet-friendly getaway more affordable.

Traveling by car

The easiest way to transport your family and pets is by car. No security lines to fuss with, no leaving two-plus hours early for the airport. Alas, the price of gas has increased astronomically like everything else.

One of our favorite travel hacks is taking advantage of your Costco membership if you have one. Not only can you get better deals on gas, but you can also access their rental car deals which can significantly decrease the cost to you by offering the best prices possible.

If you're instead planning to drive your own vehicle, consider signing up for a free rewards account with your preferred fuel company. These rewards programs can net you discounts on the cost of gas per gallon or get you cash back at the pump. We recommend checking out the Penny Horder for a full list of reputable fuel rewards programs.

Traveling by plane

Sometimes, a flight is just unavoidable. Maybe you're making a cross-country move or your pet gets particularly anxious on long road trips. Whatever the reason, if you're considering flying with your pets, take a look at the different pet-friendly flight programs offered by various airlines.

JetBlue, for example, has a program called JetPaws, which offers points for travelers who are jet-setting with their dog or cat by their side. Due to the pandemic, many of the programs previously in place have been ended, but it never hurts to check your preferred airline to see what benefits you can get back.

Pet-friendly stays

Pet-friendly hotels can be difficult to find. On top of that, many charge pricey pet fees that can add on additional costs to your trip. Vacation rentals and Airbnbs can be a more cost-effective way to stay, as you can find a place that fits your exact needs and budget. Some rentals offer pet fees as low as $25 or less. If you're searching for pet-friendly Airbnbs in your intended destination, check out our comprehensive list of stays.

Another benefit to staying at a rental vs a hotel is that you are more likely to find rental homes with kitchens. This allows you to cook some of your meals as opposed to eating out, which is always a cost-effective way to save money while traveling.

If you do still want to stay in a hotel, the Figo Pet Cloud has a list of some great pet-friendly options. Particularly if you go with a budget-friendly choice, you should be able to stay without breaking the bank.

For an even less expensive pet-friendly stay, check out campsites that allow dogs. Hipcamp is another great way to find pet-friendly outdoor camping and RV stays on a budget. Not only can you catch the sunrise with your beloved companion, but you can also hike the trails together for a great free activity!

Get checked before you go

Avoid any unexpected surprises by getting your pet checked out by their vet before you set off on an adventure. For one, getting a baseline exam will rule out any conditions that may pop up during your journey. This is also a great time to speak with your vet about any medications you may need to ease your pet's travel anxieties.

While it may cost some money upfront (unless you have Figo's Wellness or Vet Exam Fee Powerups of course) this can save you money in the long run. Accidents or illnesses that can result from a nervous pet on the road are best avoided if you're looking to protect your wallet.

Lizz Caputo is a Content Strategist at Figo, animal enthusiast, and owner of a rescued senior American Bully. Her hobbies include checking out new restaurants in her area, boxing, and petting dogs of all shapes and sizes.

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